Anima Mundi - The Dreamtime

Nature: Stratum of the Astral
First Encountered: 3.6 "As easy as ABC", where the cabal entered the Omphalos Shrine and found The Book
Notable Appearances: 5.5 "A Pair of Star-Cross'd Lovers", where the PC's embarked on quest to find the legendary Aeons and request their aid, and allowing Nobel to seek out a Salamander on the way.

Info: That part of the dimension of the mind which embodies the self-identity & consciousness of the cosmos itself.

Geography of the Dreamtime

Anima%20Mundi001.jpg Anima%20Mundi002.jpg
Map of found in the Enochian Grimoire Map found in Skadi's Norse library

Notable Dreamtime-realms visited

1.The Omphalos
Omphalos Shrine

xxxThe axis mundi, representing the link between the human consciousness and the cosmos

3.The Dreaming Earth
xxxThe self-image & consciousness of the planet, plus everything non-human in and on it
The Dream of Fire

4.The Whorl
xxxThe self-image & consciousness of everything outside of earth
Desert of Black Sand
Sidereal Wastes
Aeonic Citadels
Ocean Oroboros


To list of locations

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