Drake's Hoard

Nature: A gigantic heap of loot
Location: Nova Albion
First Encountered: Plot uncertain; the time the cabal quested for the Crystal Skull so Skadi could Initiate properly.
Notable Appearances: 5.2 "There but for the grace of Us", where the Cabal finally gets to claim the entire hoard for themselves and transport it back home to their sanctum.

Info: A collection of pirate-treasure stolen by Sir Francis Drake and his wizard-buddies from the native Americans during the 1570's, much of it magical and most of it gold. Though a series of mages have reached this place throughout the centuries none had yet absconded with the entire collection, most likely because of the extreme physical exertions required to get out of the place, making it downright suicidal to attempt to carry out too much at a time.


Description: Found in the innermost chamber of Nova Albion, in the room where the floor had been constructed from the deck-opening to the ship's hold, where cargo was hoisted in and out, the treasure having been deposited there as if filling up an odd, antique wooden swimming pool. Finding it elicited this rather memorable reaction:

ST - "The cargo hold is filled with GOLD!!"
Paul - "Must. Fight. Urge. To. Bathe."
Espen - "I was thinking the same! How can we do that without, y'know, harming ourselves?"






  • ''How We Met'': Paintings on tent-hides given to Drake and his men by the local natives, depicting their meeting and eventual negotiations
  • Treasure Chest: A huge chest of solid stone filled to the brim with gold coins shaped to be perfect replicas of the coin-components of the Kalakin Engine
  • Blood Necklace: A soulstone in jewelry-like setting, with writing around it, indicating one can learn the ''Tamers of Blood'' legacy from it.
  • The Big Foot: Either stone model, fossilized, or just solid yet dried foot, shaped like a human's except sole being some 1,5 meters long. If used to intercept an attack on your person, can disintegrate any non-living item used thusly, instantly breaking it up into its component molecules. Only actual attacks directed against its wielder triggers the effect, and blow must be successfully intercepted by user.
  • Silver Bell: Small, hand-held & Chimerical. «Emotional urging» instilling 'Grief' & 'Sadness', 1M/use, roll G+2. Can hold 11M.
  • Funerary Urns: Each one has indefinite-duration «Soul Jar» cast on it. All are currently empty.
  • Ahuizotl Hand: Small dried simian-like hand at the end of a tail. Can make it point in direction user must go to find place he's been before but can't currently find, for 1 Mana, 1/day.
  • Strange Mirror: Irregularly shaped pane of obsidian, with jagged edges as if nobody ever smoothed it over, but where the mirror-image should be is dark expanse filled with roiling smoke instead.
  • Ceremonial Tools: Many, many items to enhance and optimize the process of Sacrifice
  • The Tree: Mostly petrified and partially turned to crystal, yet somehow still alive. Possibly related to one of the 'Tree of Life' myths.
  • Which leaves: An assortment of various valuable statues, figurines, weapons, armor, tools, cutlery, idols, altars, shrines, clothes, jewelry, funerary accoutrements, pots, pans, plates, vases, urns, decorations, musical instruments, ceremonial garb, religious icons, masonry, mummies, relics, reliquaries, spikes, sticks, crystals and whatever else Drake and his boys could get their hands on. A lot of it made of gold, silver or other precious metals and semi-precious stones. Of which an as-of-yet unknown amount are also magical and/or cursed items




  • Texts: Tablets and plates of stone, bone, wood, gold, lacquer and other substances, covered in writing from a number of cultures
  • The Charter: The document(s) where the native mages legally decree that this part of the land is from then on under the jurisdiction of Drake and his Shoal of Night, that the local awakened recognize them as its proper custodians and give them authority over this region, at least as far as wizardly affairs and society is concerned. Basically, "ownership" (kind of) fairly and peacefully granted to them without violence or trickery, in a deal based on mutual respect and recognition of the other party's needs. (this was quietly removed from the location & hidden away in the cabal's ''restricted section'' before anyone else found out about it)
  • Daimonomicon: Teaches the ''Dreamers of Nahui Ollin'' legacy, where last bit is roughly translatable as "the (Black/Iron) Sun". Also describes their beliefs and lore.
  • Codex Ixtlilxochtli: Book of lore and technical knowledge, which can change to the shape and format of other objects of information storage around it (scroll, tablet, book, etc); various effects are possible when referencing the Codex.
  • Relación de las cosas de Yucatán: Original edition, by Diego de Landa, recording the religion(s), beliefs and culture of the Maya.
  • Pilgrimages: Detailed descriptions & maps on how and where to find various native deities, presumably Mayan, Aztec, Olmec, Toltec, etc.



Imbued Items

  • Box of Skulls: A small hand-held wooden casket which originally contained three crystal skulls, but by now all of them have been taken away by visitors.
  • Mask of Aztlan (or at least, it looks like and has the same powers as a mask known by that name recovered by mystagogues from Chichen Itza some years ago)
  • Opal Ring: Command word ''Kneel'' & brandish it to reduce sensed target's Str and/or Res 1/sux until they do, when both at 1 dot (can get up next turn). Prolonged. Can hold 12M.
  • Healing Pod: Heals 3B/M, or 1L/M, or 1Agg/2M. No activation roll, but takes 1 turn/dmg. Can hold 11M.
  • Blessed Blade: Persistent fate 3 «Superlative Luck» for using the sword.
  • Ley Markers: Attracts all Ley Lines within 25 yards. Uses 1Mana/line anchored, must be planted in ground to work, persistent until (re)moved, can't be dispelled. Found in a set of 5. Can hold 11M.
  • Area Wards: Four small metal cubes/boxes. Place them around to delineate area max 4 yards on a side. All inside: Persistent «Containment», forces 4, protect against fast movement and environmental dangers (Vulgar), and gives «Magic Wall» prime 3. Can hold 12M.
  • Sash of Safety: Persistent «Diplomat's protection» + «magic shield». Can hold 12M.
  • Node Crystal: Contingent «Ley Lines», as the prime 3 spell. Can hold 11M.
  • Brace(r/let) of the Enduring Body: Persistent «Body Mastery», at 3 dots; live +75 yrs, heal time is 1/3rd, +3 vs poison & disease
  • Ivory Whistle: Inlaid with Khronicum, emits noise only the dead can hear. «Quicken corpse», spend 1M & roll G+3. 1 sux needed.
  • Spirit Candle, Red: «Spirit Tongue» on all within candle's light. Never expended.
  • Spirit Candle, Black: «Speak w the dead» on all within candle's light.Never expended.
  • Memory Crystal: Knowledge encoded within with Mind-magic, and can be imprinted in user's psyche if activated; of exact same design & model as crystal found in Omphalos Shrine, and contents syncs up with the info on that one as well.
  • First Scribe's Censer: One-way messaging system to mythical cabal of mystagogue record-keepers.
  • Metachronometer




  • Cup of Life: Stores up to 6E, draw from as if locus, but no 1/day limit. Instant.
  • Spirit Drum: If small hand-held drum beaten during non-confrontational interaction with Spirit(s), +2 on Social rolls vs them
  • Silk Headband/bandanna: Quivers when thing in territory deliberately being damaged, sense general direction as long as happening. Once activated it functions for 8 hours. Spider-spirit bound in it.
  • City Compass: Has bound city-spirit inside, so always points to the location this city/town/habitation has its attention focused on. Mostly useful in smaller communities, except those times when a larger city as a whole is focused on a single place or event.
  • 5$-bill: Over 900 years old item; turns into high-quality replica of local currency. Once activated, for 1 week any spirit who sees the person carrying it thinks that they're ideal for its own purposes, whatever that may be.
  • Wooden Staff: Travel through storm instantly, as lightning, up to 1 mile/sux.
  • Thunder Axe: Large 2-handed weapon; on successful attack, wielder can increase damage dealt, +1L/Mana expended.
  • Feathered Headdress: Impressive large headpiece made of bright green, blue and turquoise feathers, as one could imagine finding on exotic birds in the rainforests, which can apparently be used to summon some sort of being of unknown type. Current theories range from parrot to feathered serpent.



  • The Living Tree
  • There's also the small alcove or cul-de-sac between the two entrances to this room, wherein is found a stone altar bedecked with an embroidered white altar cloth upon which stands a chalice filled with perpetual flame, but whether to count this as part of the ''Hoard'' or not is probably up for debate.
  • The Auric Aztec Armor Automatons; whether to count them as part of the 'loot' is likewise debatable.


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