Nature: Group of Mages
Founded: 1819

From Secrets of the Ruined Temple:

A number of cabals built from neo–Druid movements in Georgian England, German university fraternities and a widespread clan of Awakened Tuscan nobility took part in a wide-ranging letter-writing circle of occult study and occasional Astral travel. These Drachensohnen, the 'Sons of the Dragon', began to focus ever more closely on the flights of the dragons seen by the original Awakened around the spire of Atlantis. To the Drachensohnen, that flight both prefigured and symbolized the wheeling of the constellations around the polestar. Thus, the study of ancient astronomy was the first key to the study of Atlantis.

Although the traditional Atlantis legend of the Awakened describes the spire of Atlantis as “pointing at the polestar,” most mages neglected that element of the story, considering it merely emblematic of the role of Atlantis in magical evolution. To the Drachensohnen, the pointing of the polestar was the literal truth. But if Atlantis was beneath the polestar, it meant one inescapable truth: the Pole was once warm. Bailly’s work showed that on an Earth with a vertical axis and no orbital tilt, there would be no seasons, and the world would be in eternal spring. The 12-hour day of the Arctic would be a day of fertility and life, allowing cultivation and cities far above the modern Arctic Circle. This, then, was Atlantis: a city raised on a rocky crag too far north for the monsters and revenants of the primordial world to hunt but warm enough to allow human civilization to grow there, protected by the watchful eye of Draco, the constellation coiled around the northern sky. Until one fatal day, the day of the Fall, when the Earth’s axis tilted to its present 23.5 degrees, throwing the Arctic into six months of darkness every winter and allowing glaciers to spread over the battlements of the Awakened City.

The notion of a catastrophic tilt in the distant past, ending a Golden Age of perfection, was not original to the Sons of the Dragon. The pre–Socratic philosophers Empedocles and Anaxagoras both assumed axial tilt, and even Plato (in The Statesman) mentioned a reordering of the Earth’s rotation as a “shock that set up a great quaking which caused … the destruction of living creatures of all kinds.” In Paradise Lost, John Milton described an axial tilt as the proximate cause of the destruction of Eden, and the 18th-century French naturalist the Comte du Buffon had likewise explained the extinction of large animals by that means. What the Sons of the Dragon did was present a coherent Awakened version of the theory, and tie it to the notion of a northern “Aryan Atlantis.”

As far as any modern Awakened researcher can discover, the Drachensohnen did little damage in the name of their anthropological enthusiasms. They mounted expeditions to polar islands, investigated the Edda and sagas of the Norse and drew up elaborate charts of the stars during various distant epochs. Of course, various dark rumors still cling to the Drachensohnens’ actions, from vampiric contamination by the Ordo Dracul to ritual arson and incest. Most of these are probably “blowback” from the Sons’ vastly more dangerous intellectual descendants, the Thule Gesellschaft of Munich.

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