Downing Street Pub

Nature: Sanctum
Cabal: Rule Britannia

Info: A short staircase leading about half a floor down from street level brings you to the Downing Street Pub, which seems designed to look and feel as much like a standard English pub as is possible while still being on the western side of the Atlantis Ocean. Everything from the dark wooden walls to the unhealthy menu to the staff seems chosen to uphold this illusion, and indeed, much of the profit does indeed come from homesick brits or those locals who'd like to try something from the 'ol empire but for some reason can't actually go there.

That the place serves as a gathering place and stronghold for the Rule Britannia cabal should then come as no surprise, and their standing policy of providing a 10% discount across the board for all fellow members in the local Concilium has done its fair share to keep this bunch of people popular and well-liked. The fact that they have among their membership the more enthusiastic and trigger-happy of the appointed Sentinels might also be part of why there's little bad-mouthing going on, despite the oddities that are inevitable in any group of mages numbering more than zero.

Not all visitors realize that though the pub occupies only this half-basement the actual sanctum covers practically the entire building, and though private living quarters take up much of this there are also rooms and chambers devoted entirely to official magical business on the various floors.

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