Dendera Lights

Nature: Magic item; relic
First encountered: P1.3 "Secret of the Second Sphinx"

Description: A unique archaeological treasure from ancient Egypt, it's basically a model of a half-closed golden lotus flower holding a bulb of rosy glass. Inside the bulb is a steel-figure of a snake emerging from the center and curving back again to bite its own tail, while the tip of the bulb has a small opening with sharp edges. It looks very fragile.

Effects: When active it glows with a strong red light capable of reaching a mile away before fading off, almost like a spotlight. People within the light feel strange, and movements seem slower than they should be, but the most notable effect is that any creatures in twilight struck by this light become fully visible and able to interact directly with the material world.

Info: Stolen from Professor Olam in the forties by the dastardly mage known as Prospero, who then tried to escape with it aboard the oriental express. Despite his magics, two spiritual minions and the power of the Dendera Light itself he was stopped and killed by the actions of the Condiments, who were intent on returning the relic to the professor.

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