Nature: Mage; deceased
Details: Supposedly an actual princess of Atlantis
Encountered: P1.3 "The Secret of the Second Sphinx"
Info: Claims to have seen the Fall of the ocean island with her own eyes, and that this caused her body and mind to become infected with the Abyss which was, after all, created by that very catastrophe. Before she died she bequeathed her royal tiara to Pepper, as a reward for his efforts in trying to save her, and for his comfort and empathy while she was dying.

Plot 6.8 Update: Lineage documentation confirms what many PC's had suspected for some time, that Denavi was the older sister of Danu, and a daughter of Kherem.

Had apparently stayed behind when father and sister evacuated, so that she could later be their "inside help" when the exiles eventually returned and needed someone to help them sneak back inside Atlantis.


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