Deeper Secrets

This is a list of the Deeper Secrets of the cabal.

The term "Deeper Secrets" refer to the secrets that all the members of the cabal agrees on to be a Deeper Secret, and thus write down upon this very list, the existence of which in itself is a Deeper Secret.

Once a secret has been labeled a Deeper Secret, it can only be removed from this list if all the members of the cabal agree that it should no longer be a Deeper Secret.

The Deeper Secrets of the cabal are not to be revealed to outsiders unless every member of the cabal agree that the outsider in question is worthy of the knowledge. Breaking of this rule will result in banishment until such a time as the rest of the cabal deems the rulebreaker worthy of forgiveness.

  • The existence of this list
  • Our true Sanctum
  • Any knowledge Hermes shares about Masques
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