Dark Wolves

Nature: Human soul / fae
Fist Encountered: 3.8 "War of the Words"

Description: Seems to be a identical to a common wolf, if it wasn't for the fact that its fur and skin seems to be made of solid night, with its teeth and eyes like empty holes into a darker void. It's practically impossible to hear it move, no matter if it should logically disturb the environment with its passing, and seems able to cross over into the woods between the worlds under its own power.

Info: A strange creature that seemed to be following the various people involved in the duel on Mars, as well as Dorian's birthday celebration shortly thereafter, just barely being spotted by the mages involved. Closer scrutiny was difficult but finally accomplished through postcognition, which seemed to indicate the Dark Wolf to be something like a human soul, a fae creature, or possibly both. Shrue later claimed to have been keeping them at bay, preventing them from harming the cabal. The implications are still unclear.


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