So she took her love
for to gaze awhile,
xxamong the fields of barley.
In his arms she fell
as her hair came down,
xxamong the fields of gold.

Many years have passed
since those summer days,
xxamong the fields of barley.
See the children run
as the sun goes down,
xxas you lie in fields of gold.

I never made promises lightly,
And there have been some
xxthat I have broken,
But I swear in the days still left
xxWe will walk in fields of gold
Danu brought her treasures old,
with ships across the oceans cold,
coins of silver, crowns of gold,
heaps of gifts with value untold.

In land of west her hammer rang,
outside her gate an army sang,
awaiting sound of weapon clang.

But torq she made instead, and crown,
a key, a coin, of great renown,
a chain to keep the weapons down.

Yet Danu came not to our shores,
her children came, in scores and scores,
who loved her to their very cores.
Page 158

Also Known As: ●Daanau, Danav, Donau, Danube, Donn, Donann, Domnann, Dana, etc. ●Neith ●Athena
Nature: Tuatha / Danava / Ïrïn / Grigori
Suspected Path: Acanthus, or none / "not applicable"
Order: Blood of the Dragon
Archetype: "Mother"
Soundtrack: Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy

The name used for the theoretical woman who may have founded/been leader for the prehistorical group of mages known as ''The Children of Danu''.

Who she really was, if she ever existed, what she did and what her motives were, are thus far mostly matters of speculation and conjecture.


Mother Goddess

● In Celtic mythology "Danu" is the unknown & mysterious mother of the Tuatha Dé Danann, one of the sequential groups of gods/heroes that conquered Ireland in the past.
● In Hindu religion "Danu" is the mother of the Danavas, a type/group/tribe of 'Asuras', or demons.


The Widow of Atlantis

In the orthodox lore of the Diamond Orders she is known as "Daanau", one of the Five Widows of the Fall, along with Ayeshau (Mastigos), Devau (Obrimos), Layalau and Llanau, those who became separated from their kings when the Celestial Ladder crumbled. She was stranded in this Fallen World while her mate, the Oracle of the Acanthus-Watchtower, struggled against the Exarchs in the Realms Supernal, far beyond the newly-formed great Abyss.

The problem is that exact details and description of the Five Widows is bare any more reliable than the info on the Oracles themselves. For example: the Mastigos-Widow Ayeshau is remembered in Obrimos myth as a humbled, broken tyrant, in Moros lore as stricken mad with grief, while other Paths characterize her as a callous “merry widow” whose wanton lusts and cruelty only increased after the Fall. In the same way the many stories and legends about the Widow Daanau are usually wildly different and often contradict each other, making it hard to get any clear picture of her as a person (if she ever existed at all, that is).


Theories of the PC's

● That she was involved in the creation of the Kalakin Engine (either as leader or something else)

● That she was the daughter or wife of Kherem
● That she was the mother or sister of Shemyaza
● That she was married to Adar (possibly for political reasons, given he was a leader)
● That she had an (illicit) affair with Mahaba'ali
● That she made people believe Adar was the father of Shemyaza, and even obligated him with raising the boy, when it was really Mahaba'ali's son, and that this might have been part of why Adar betrayed them / her

● That if she was the mother of Shemyaza, and he's the beginning of the Tuatha Dynasty, then she and him might have suffered bad relations due to that family's Curse
x► and/or that it might have made her relationship with her own father more difficult (theory assumes this was Kherem)
xx►► OR: the bad relations between "her+Son" and/or "her+Father" might be origin of that Curse

● That she died or disappeared, leaving the ''Children'' leaderless
x► and that this is why the group began having problems, didn't cooperate properly any more, got sold out to the enemy, and evetually fell apart before they managed to finish the Kalakin Engine
x► Nobel believes she sacrificed her own life to fuel the project, but didn't tell the others about it beforehand, so none of her loved ones could insist on doing it instead of her

● That she is somehow 'inside' the Kalakin Engine (possibly because of aforementioned sacrifice)




Page 107


● The reclusive Watchers (Egregori ''watchers'', from ÎrÎn "those who are watchful/awake" so ca "the Awakened"), Sons of God, estranged brethren of the Elohim named Deva
● It came to pass that they gathered together on the summit of Mount Hermon, there to decide whether to bring Enlightenment to the Humans they lived amongst.
● Up spoke Samyaza, who was of their leader's blood

● When that city was built did they claim Neith as patron deity, who was known as the origin of the Sons and their Enlightenment
● And so was there also to Neith a shrine dedicated in that temple of Sebek wherein the remains of those teachings rested
● An inscription there was to read on that shrine, saying "I am all that hath been, and is, and shall be, and my veil no mortal has hitherto raised"

● When the Greeks, like their ancestors before them, much later came to know Zau they understood Neith as their own goddess Athena
● Soon they began to believe that Athena too presided over learning, crafting, war, tactics, weaving, creating and certain waters.
● So much were they taken with her that they made a grand city bear her name
● It grew into a home where those who sought for truth could flourish and the Love of Wisdom could be embraced freely at last.

● None who shared in their inheritance know what befell the Sons of God, for the Devas pursued them across the lands and the firmament both, seeking ever to smite them with the wrath of the Dyeus Phter, and to cast them into the bottomless depths of the oceans, scattering them for ever
● Flush with their victory and the righteousness of their triumph the Devas then erected a mighty temple and fortress,
● Guarded from mortal eyes and entry was it, for its gates were of Zurvan alone, being fashioned with the fruits of labor from his brightest scion, who is lost.



Page 131

Among the ranks of the Asuras there walked those who called themselves Danava
● Who had once been îrîn before they came here to dwell.
Amesha Spenta] were their inner council called
● "Those Who Cleave to Aša" ("truth", "light", "righteousness". Effectively = "Wisdom")
● They it was who made that final refuge place.
● Divided were they often, but united in their hearts by the strong vision set by head of all Danavas.


Page 200

Some believe this is extract from her journal or diary or similar writing:
Invisible ink: D (Bottom of page, right after green text has ended)
Norse runes: White knight
Hyperborean runes: 10th


Page 93

Invisible text, in latin. Translation:

Deliver me from eternal death. The testimony of Danav the Sibyl! Wake from your sleep, my children. Your cradles no longer exist. Wake from your sleep, fated children, a dream is gone. Arise! Discover! I am come to the garden of Truth, of the gardens spring the truth. With fiery truth burn the evils of the world, Set ablaze the darkness of the world. Farewell children, fithos lusec wecos vinosec. To which protector shall I appeal when even the righteous will be in jeopardy? A day of wrath, that day will dissolve the world into glowing ashes. What trembling there will be when the Kalakin is to come.



Page 203

● It's been theorized that this may have been written by Danu to her followers, or Shemyaza, or equivalent
● Latin text written in the Tengwar-alphabet, with blue ink.
● The current translation is as follows:

Savior to come
Wake from your sleep, fated children. Your cradles no longer exist, your rest is gone, It is the work of circle. Before the day of reckoning when creation rises again the time at the end he intends. On this fated day arise, ye, and then find the garden of Truth there, and having formed the other side was not brought up to remain silent. In that day when the heavens and the earth shall be shaken, when death shall be astonished and nature quaking, call me with the blessed! Foes press on, and whom shall intercede for me when even the just man will be in jeopardy?

What is lost, can be found, rise again, awaken from sleep! In you, my children, I have hoped. Save your people, give us strength and bring us aid. Take care of me at my ending: Deliver me, the things I have throws open the gate of heaven. That day will dissolve the world in ashes, by fire. Wake from your sleep, my children, burn the evils of this world with fiery truth, Set fire to the darkness of the world.

I pray to you: by thought, word and deed, that I be joined with the Blessed, and here, free ourselves of eternal death. Hear my case, come, refuse me not. I confess to friends, and to you, son of mine, these secrets belong to time and the dark regions, to reveal them would bring chaos down upon the living earth. Use clemency, use love, For love conquers all things; let us too surrender to love.. Fare you well, my children.


Page 121

Then Thor fled - fleeing fast from wrath and ruin - over fjell over dal - åker og eng - fjernt fra heim og stove - what fears the Æse - trollkiller great . hammerwielder hardy - helmeted horror - fury of firstwife scornfully savaged - lover left behind when spring's urges seized him - oath she swore runebound and mighty - vengeance undying for unfaithful husband and father of felles son - so flaug han fritt fjernt bortom fjella - kom so til vaners heim - grønnkledde landet - her blei han buandes - fjernt ifra furie - gjestfri var vertsfolk mot framandkar - her bjugdes hallar - halmstrødde stablar og stor stabbur og - langt unna jordh var han - trygg ifra harme - tok seg en ny fru - frodig og vårfin - siw sa ho namn var - vansmøy vakker - feiret blei de to lengje og mykje - tidvis tordnet Tor - sint skjelves jorden og stormsvart syns himlen mot auget da - flyg over marken i gudars kjerre - hammar i handa og lynet brakar kring - aldreg meir tilbake drog han til kvinne han kapra og forlot for lenge siden - men alltid han frykta familiens feide - hemn hevda heftig mot systers forlater - niding dei såg han som - edbryten eitrpustar - flyktning feig og fange flygen - snart blei han hedra av høvding for vaner - stormkarl og krigsherre kraftig - Votan kom langveisfra - snakka langt og lenge om mangt mykje




During Game Sessions

P1.3 "Secret of the 2nd Sphinx"

One startling piece of the puzzle came to light in 1933, when The Condiments discovered the "Second Sphinx" in/within/underneath Symzonia, and there witnessed as a teenaged girl was brought out of a temporal stasis chamber which had apparently been preserving her for most of recorded history. Notably she called herself Denavi, and claimed to be a Princess of Atlantis, and that her servants had put her in stasis in order to preserve her while they sought out her mother or sister for help, since they had realized they were unable to cure her mortal affliction by themselves.

This information might not be 100% reliable, however, since her illness was caused by her witnessing the sinking of Island of Atlantis with her own eyes, with the result that part of the Abyss infected her mind and body, slowly consuming both. She died barely 20 minutes after being removed from her stasis, though she was greatly comforted in her last moment by Pepper, who sang her songs and held her lovingly until the very end. In return for both his desperate attempts at saving her (first from hostile mages and later from the degenerative affliction) and for his compassionate and deeply interpersonal kindness during her slow death, she bequeathed her royal tiara to him.

Interestingly, its crown jewel is enchanted to glow when the tiara is worn by someone who fulfills the criteria it's "programmed" to respond to, though exactly what these parameters are remains a matter of speculation. Yet it's hard not to spot that both Denavi's attitudes and clothing, as well as the tiara's design and even the glow it emits, all correspond almost exactly with the occult symbolic values associated with the Acanthus path. It's also interesting that the tiara has only been known to glow properly when worn by two people: Denavi and Hermes, who is not just an Acanthus himself, but is apparently also the reincarnation of Shemyaza, who's suspected of having been the son/father/brother of Danu, and there's even a chance Hermes might be Shemyaza's actual descendant, and thereby hers as well. Any or all of these might have played a part in making the tiara's ancient operating procedures recognize him.


5.5 "A Pair of Star-Cross'd Lovers"

The Norns, the Aeon of Fate, categorically stated that "Danu WAS one of the seven". It's assumed that this was a final answer to the question often speculated & debated upon by PC's (and players): Was Danu counted as one of the "Children of Danu", or was she counted as separate, since she was their "parent"/mentor/leader/origin? This might have seemed utterly irrelevant if it hadn't been for one thing: It seemed correct that there were seven "Danavas", or at least seven leaders on their "inner council" (which according to the Book was called "Amesha Spenta"), and given that these were (apparently) the people who had made the Kalakin Engine, and later fled individually with its components, knowing exactly who they were became vital in order to track down all the pieces of the Artifact. The debate about who would or would not be on the list was easier after this statement. It also would seem to confirm that she actually existed, though whether "the seven" refers to what the PC's think it does remains to be seen.


6.8 "Footprints on the Sands of Time"

Discovering some of the genealogical records of the Grigori confirms many things, and reveals others:
●She was the daughter of Kherem. In fact, she was his youngest child, the last one born before the queen died.
●Her oldest brother, Ashir, was the monster who abused Lalitha Meddha, causing the death of Danu's 2 baby nephews, the eternal curse of Liltih, and - indirectly - the loss of the queen. Potentially, also partially responsible for the civil war of Atlantis, the Celestial Ladder, the Fall, as well as the Seers and their masters, the Exarchs1
Denavi, the dying teenaged princess found in stasis within the Second Sphinx, in Symzonia, was apparently Danu's older sister.
●Danu was the (biological) mother of Shemyaza
●She was married to Adar/Thor, a marriage arranged by their respective parents when they were both very young, and honored for both personal and political reasons. Adar/Thor is the one listed in official records as Shemyaza's father.
●The last time she saw her father was when he left her to go back to Atlantis with his fellow Oracles and their loyal followers, in order to stop the blasphemous and cosmos-defiling actions of the Exarchs. She was between 5 and 8 years old. It happened in the bunker currently used by the Eye of the Storm as their secret underground sanctum.

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