Dances On Graves

Nature: Halaku
Known Alias: Tanze auf Gräben
First Encountered: 3.4 "Ghastly Grim and Ancient Ravens", where he bit off Nathuram's finger, among his several other wicked activities.
Notable Encounters: Interlude: "Fall of the House of Scäfer", where Tanze auf Gräben is notable in WWII events, apparently as a Gestapp. P1.5 "Tablets of the Hieromagus", where Tanze shows up again, still as a Nazi. P2.2 ''Ardente Veritate'', where Medusa makes a sacrifice to the dark and gives ''Dances on Graves'' his name and identity.

There's a handwritten comment on the note found on dead Soviet spy from the 1940s, during ''Fall of the House of Schäfer'', which is signed ''T.A.G.'', which is presumably Tanze auf Gräben. It reads, when translated from German, something like "You haven't translated this yet. My patience grows thin."

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