Nickname: the Advent
Parent Path: Obrimos
Parent Order: Mysterium
Arcana: Life (Primary), Time (Secondary), Space (Prerequisite)

Info: These inheritors of the Theosophical traditions that sprung up in the early nineteenth century proclaim that they are the next step in human evolution, a Coming Race of Awakened supermen destined to populate a new-risen Atlantis and inherit the world. Their bizarre physical mutations show that the Daksha have become something other than human, with their eerily perfect symmetry, third eye in the back of their heads, and eventual hermaphroditic bodies. Their teachings, the members claim, reveals the secrets of the origins of mankind, and their legacy is supposedly governed by the Ancient (Arch-)Masters from their hidden Tibetan monasteries and Chantries.

In order to end Kali Yuga, the Age of Strife (the legacy's name for the Quiescence Curse), they teach that mages have to repair the Cosmic Cycle which was broken in the distant past. Human evolution, their esoteric accounts say, is a cyclical process divided into seven stages. but during the third stage of the current cycle the precursors of the Atlanteans fell from grace. They deviated from the proper paths, which in turn set all following development on the wrong course, eventually causing both the Fall and the current Fallen state of the world. But all is not lost, for the holy scriptures of the Daksha, the ''Stanzas of Dzyan'', state that Atlantis will literally rise again and allow us to continue our journey to Cosmic Oneness when we reverse the wrong turnings and steps take in the past and manage to reach the next proper stage of evolution.



Known members


List of Legacies

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