Also Known As: Daksha, Dagda
Nature: Ancient & powerful mage
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Eye of the Dragon
Cabal: Tuatha/Danava/Ïrïn/Grigori/Children of Danu
Legacy: The Advent
Archetype: The Stranger / The Other / The Traveler
Known Reincarnations: Rui Shi, Vinegar, Medusa, Decimus of the Praetorians, and Alexander the Great
xxJackie - Sinéad O'Connor
xxSink to the Bottom With You - Fountains of Wayne

The final and most enigmatic member of the "inner council" of the Grigori / Danavas, about whom almost nothing is known, and which has suspiciously few mentions or references in the various sources accessed thus far, one of several ways he/she differs from the other Ïrïn.

The one thing which has finally been confirmed is which Order he/she belonged to, which means that if the situation the Ananke depicted was (mostly) correct, then Daksha was the person who was supposed to bring along the Kalakin Key when everyone evacuated the project headquarters in Asgartha.


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