Dagger Of The Succubus

Nature: Magic Item; relic
First encountered: P1.5 "Tablets of the Hieromagus"

Description: A beautiful and artistically shaped curved dagger so decorated with gold and jewels that it seems like it is useless for anything but ornamental purposes. Its blade is nonetheless wickedly sharp, covered with golden filigree forming a complex knotwork pattern, while the pommel is crowned with a large and dominating emerald held by a golden setting shaped like taloned, claw-like fingers.

Effects: Upon stabbing a victim with this horrible weapon the blade will slide in and out of his flesh without doing the least bit of harm to it; instead the person whom the target loves the most in this world will suffer the wound instead. Though this effect is not immediately obvious it's clear that something happened, especially since it causes the emerald to glow with a sickly, evil green light. The only way to actually harm someone with this weapon is to continue cutting them with it until everyone they love are dead, at which point they may very well wish to die anyway. Is the companion-piece to the legendary Sword of the Incubus, known for holding imprisoned the souls of everyone who has ever claimed it as their own.

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