Cult Of The Doomsday Clock

Parent Path: Moros
Nicknames: Tick-tock men
Arcana: Time (Primary), Death (Secondary)
Suggested Oblations: Causing death and destruction by disrupting a schedule or deceiving someone about the time (anything from tricking someone into mis-timing her medication, to reprogramming traffic lights), using Death and Prime to annihilate something completely, meditating on oblivion in a room full of clocks
Concepts: Watch repairman, occult kook, ascetic priest, libertine priest, efficiency expert, temp worker, computer geek, convenience store clerk, science fiction fan

Appearance: Doomsday Clock mages tend to dress in classic Man (or Woman) in Black style: black suit, white shirt, narrow black tie, black sunglasses. However, the suit jacket has large pockets on each breast with a chain hanging between them. One pocket holds the death’s-head pocket watch, the other the counterbalancing fob. Cultists tend to accumulate timepiece or clockwork-themed Paradox brandings, such as hands of jointed brass or eyes turned into digital clock displays.

Info: A young Legacy whose activities are usually swathed in a storm of Paradox, argues that only the absolute destruction of the Fallen World can free mages’ souls to unite with the Supernal. The weird and dreadful Tick-tock Men bend time and unravel reality as they seek the hour of the world’s ending.

In 2000, the Cult issued its first manifesto as part of a drive to attract new members. As the Legacy’s name suggests, the Cult wants to destroy the world. Not just to destroy civilization, or humanity; they want to destroy the Fallen World in toto, material realm and Shadow Realm alike. Only then, they say, can the souls of mages escape the vile prison that is Creation and ascend to the Supernal World.

Individual Cultists may create their own sanctums, but the Cult itself has one special magical stronghold: The Tick-tock Men call it the Clocktower. New members are told that the name pays homage to the Watchtowers.


Known Members:


List of Legacies

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