Crystal Skull

Nature: Imbued Item ••••
Mana Capacity: 11
First encountered: Among the loot comprising Drake's Hoard
Notable appearances: P1.4 "The Embassy of Cibola"

Appearance: A perfect model of a human skull in painstaking detail, amazingly sculpted out of a single solid rock crystal.

Effects: It's activated by smearing a small amount of blood upon the skull and spending one mana from its reservoir, whereupon it begins to glow with a gentle, pale, blueish-green light emanating from its own interior. It's almost, but not quite, as strong as that shed by a small desk lamp, being strongest from its eye sockets. It's enough to be seen and to read by if you're close to it, but not sufficient to illuminate a whole room or large area. The skull continues to glow for a whole day, after which it consumes another point of mana in order to continue one day more, and so on, not going out until it's deactivated or empty of fuel.

Info: While the skull would indeed seem to be fairly pointless, apparently nothing more than a piece of art or other form of ornamentation, it is known that Tezcatlipoca used the light created by one of the three crystal skulls from Drake's Hoard to enter the undiscovered chambers of a ziggurat in Teotihuacan, allowing him entrance to the Embassy of Cibola. Sadly, the skull in question was destroyed during the struggle that broke out between his looters and the Condiments.

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