The Crowbar of Half-Life
"There was a time the vortigaunts
cared nothing for Miss Vance,
when their only experience of humanity
was a crowbar coming at them
down a steel corridor.
-G-man, Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Nature: Chimerical Item
First Encountered: 6.4 "The Hieromagus Cometh" (was summoned by Nobel & Avatar)

Weapon: Unlike a normal crowbar, which is made to be a tool, this item is inherently a weapon. There's no penalty for attacking with an 'improvised' weapon, and its attack bonus is +4 dice (Lethal), and has Armor Piercing 4.

Returning: If the crowbar should ever be lost, stolen or dropped, the owner will somehow get it back within a short amount of time, usually within the same scene, though it can take longer. Events simply conspire in such a way that the crowbar is always returned to the owner, whether by his own actions or random happenstance.

Destructive: If used to strike any weapon, hand-held tool, vehicle, other easily portable items or things "known to be breakable" in the video game (especially padlocks), the crowbar ignores all Durability and inflicts 2 Lethal damage per success on the attack. Against buildings, structures, and obstacles not "meant" to be breakable (f.ex. metal doors), the crowbar can only inflict 1 Bashing per attack, no matter how many successes are rolled.

Slaying: If used to attack the head (-3 penalty) if another physical creature, living or undead, the crowbar ignores up to 10 points of Armor, and inflicts Aggravated damage. Creatures without a supernatural Power Trait (Primal Urge, Wyrd, Synthesis, etc) must also succeed on a reflexive Stamina roll or be instantly killed.


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