Nature: Construct (robot)
First Encountered: 2.5 "More than a thousand words".
See Also: The Creation of CPAN-1
Notable Appearances: 3.1 "Stolen Hearts", where he is thoroughly unsettled by his parents suddenly locking up his best friend Anna Hansen in the dungeon for no apparent reason, eventually leading to people giving him a serious talk about life and death. ALSO: The cabal finally notices the negative effect CPAN-1 has on the environment (which Skadi calls the "burnout effect"), and Chimera takes him to Apollo to get solid foretellings about the future. At the end of the story, they agree it's for the best if the robot moves out, so the two parents set up with new lodgings in Silicon Valley, before having a tear-filled goodbye.

Unknown point in chronology: Cabal visits CPAN-1 at his new lodgings, meet his new roommate, and Hermes ends up averting the robot apocalypse.

Info: This is the "child" of Nobel and Avatar. A robot who is trying to learn the ways of humans. He is currently living with his room-mate Skynet, or 'Sky' as he calls himself. Unfortunately he is most likely to kill Sky when Sky turns utterly crazy, but at least he will save humanity in doing so.


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