Count Greydrake

Nature: Fog-Spirit
First Encountered: 3.3 "…And Debts Forgotten Time Collects"
Title: Steward of the joint Courts of the Neverending

Appearance: His natural shape is believed to be simply a large expanse of grey mist and fog, but he possesses the ability to condense this in order to assume almost any sort of form he desires. For some reason which has never been properly explained he is usually found wearing a human body bearing a suspicious resemblance to the historical depictions of Sir Francis Drake. Rumours of an ancient agreement between the two have never been sufficiently confirmed or denied.

Info: The spirit of the San Fransisco fog. In the mundane world, the fog is a result of the hot land-based climate meeting the cool sea on three different fronts, which makes him the perfect candidate to jointly rule the two separate Nature factions (Blue and Green, ocean and land), thereby doubling their (and as a result, his own) power.

The fact that he's more or less omnipresent in the city during large parts of the year helps, as he can travel extensively, and the other spiritual inhabitants of the city find it hard to keep him away from their turf. He's sly, guileful, skilled at keeping the facts unclear and confusing his enemy as to which goals to aim for, and he pretends to be a mediator and envoy simply to get close to everyone else. He is served by his own personal cadre of wind-spirits, operating when the fog hides out of sight.

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