While each Concilium rules its own little territory of the map, and exist to settle disputes and create a cooperative community in which to co-exist, there is always the question of jurisdiction when a disagreement is held between members from two different Concilia. Quite apart from the endless debates about jurisdiction and comparative power there's the added complexity that the laws and conventions that a wizard lives by are by no means guaranteed to hold true anywhere else. As can be expected, this sort of thing makes relations incredibly difficult, and unified efforts nigh impossible.

The answer, according to the Silver Ladder, is the Convocation; the highest institution of law known to the pentacle and the only real hope for ever achieving understanding and agreements across borders. A Convocation is, in theory, a more-or-less regular event in which representatives from the participating Concilia meet and exchange opinions and solve their problems in a formal, civilized manner. While the Théarchs are rather insistent that any and all pentacle mages who wish to attend may freely do so, and often become rather vocal in trying to convince those of the other orders to show up and be heard, the fact remains that the actual power and sole authority of a Convocation is the Magisterium.

Each participating Concilium's Caucus of Théarchs appoints one among their number to the position of Magister, a role seldom given to any but their most senior and respected members. These then form the Magisterium for any given Convocation (a governing body akin to a parliament or house of lords), who are then the people running the show, so to speak. They make all the big decisions, appoint all the functionaries and set the order of the day. Though much of the individual details (such as making room reservations or arranging suitable security measures) are decided by whomever the responsibility has been delegated to, the Magisters have full right to veto if they disagree or demand plans to be changed if it doesn't meet with their approval or follow the policies, demands or guidelines they've set down.

During the actual summit, which can last from a workday to over a week depending on the size of the event, the issues brought before the Convocation are debated in a public meeting place. The Ladder demands that anyone who wishes to voice their opinion has the right to do so and be heard, no matter that person's current popularity or political disfavor. Yet when the actual decision is to be made the only ones with a vote, the only ones with the legal authority to make a verdict, are the members of the Magisterium. Though it is customary to poll the assembled delegates on important topics the Magisters are by no means obligated to follow public opinion, yet few wish to undermine the trust and belief in the institution of Convocation by always ignoring their membership. This is balanced out by the fact that just because the majority wants something doesn't automatically make it just or right.

As has been mentioned there are various types of Convocation, usually differentiated by scale. Two neighboring cities might have their envoys meet up for a day once each year to make sure their relations are still friendly, work to ensure that deals and trade between them is still good, and simply keep up to date on recent events. But the more Concilia are to be involved the more official and important the event becomes, and the less often they tend to happen given the work involved in coordinating such an affair. The fact that the decisions of the Convocation are expected to carry weight for all ruling councils involved is often a hard thing to sell, given that such mages aren't often used to having others tell them how they can and can't rule their dominion.


The 2009 Convocation of Norway

The 2009 Convocation in Trondheim involves not only 6 different cities, but these are also (mostly) Concilia native to widely different regions of the world. As such it is considered a most important and serious affair, drawing much attention given that its decrees will carry far more weight than those of lesser summits. It is also to be expected that the list of topics and issues to be brought up will be similarly long, with each 'Day' being expected to actually take a whole day to get through.

The Magisterium

Concilium Magister Path
Bangalore Daksinacara Acanthus
Hong Kong Ao Thyrsus
Las Vegas Metatron Obrimos
London Artful Dodger Moros
San Fransisco Sophia Obrimos
Trondheim Ormen Lange Mastigos

Other Positions
Chancellor: In charge of practical affairs, organizes the pages, and runs the daily logistics
Harlequin: Gets to interrupt, be obnoxious and in general break rules of etiquette
Orichalcum Stick/Spear: Chief of security & bodyguard, opens & ends rituals. May have deputies
Scribe(s): Writes down everything that happens/is said, official record-keeper; usually more than one is needed
Talionist: Metes out punishments and acquires witnesses at the Magisterium's command
Page: Gopher; person assisting the Chancellor by performing all the work and preparations and tasks required for the event to take place. Errand-runner and "rigging crew".

Official Schedule
1.Rite of Convocation: Includes formal procession of officials, ends when Mace of Convocation placed on display & stick stands to attention, then chancellor lays out day's agenda.
2.Day of Silver: First a closed session for Théarchs only, then others get to hear summary
3.Day of Swords: Debating dangers facing the Awakened
4.Day of Scrolls: Talking about the new discoveries of mages
5.Day of Sleep: Discussions about Sleeper affairs and relations
6.Day of Justice: Debates about crime, law and grievances
7.Closing Ceremony: Wrapping up and summarizing the final results of the meeting, and then general socializing before everyone goes home.


The Delegations

London San Fransisco Trondheim
Artful Dodger - Magister
Civitas - Hierarch
Locomotive - Page
Morgause - Councilwoman
The Guy Fawkes Precedent
Morvran - Liaison
Sophia - Magister
Lady Amalthea - Hierarch
Hermes - Harlequin
Dorian Gray - Scribe Secundus
Ouroboros - Vice-Chancellor
Islington - Page
Ormen Lange - Magister
Elli - Hierarch
Varde - Orichalcum Spear
Skadi - Deputy Spear
Fuþark - Scribe Secundus
Trygve - Page
Hong Kong Las Vegas Bangalore
Ao - Magister, Hierarch
Yama - Talionist
Zheng Tan - Page
Metatron - Magister
Curunir - Hierarch
Erzulie - Chancellor
Iago - Page
Daksinacara - Magister
Nagaraja - Hierarch
Anatta - Scribe Primus
Rudra Tandava - Emissary
Chandrasekhar Bacon - Page


The Official Agenda

Each bullet-point below lists one of the issues as it has been publicly scheduled (Notes on what actually came to pass in italics and parentheses)

Day of Silver

  • The Rite of Convocation is held, introducing all functionaries and making the following proceedings legally binding and sanctioned by the Lex Magica and the Elemental Precepts alike. (Hermes declares himself to be God-King of Atlantis, signs and omens seem to confirm it)
  • The Théarchs retreat from the public eye in order to privately debate their internal affairs and policies, solving issues pertaining solely to their Order in an atmosphere of confidentiality.
  • All other Convocation attendees are offered a summarized transcription of the topics discussed and decisions made during the Ladder's private session, with personal details omitted out of respect for the individual's privacy.
  • Questions and concerns regarding these proceedings of the Vox Draconis can be freely asked
  • End of Day

Day of Swords

  • San Fransisco would like to warn everyone to beware Liches as well as requesting harsher policies in dealing with them, mandating more direct counter-measures and preventative efforts. (Participating Concilia tasked with being more aware of this danger, but no motion for Lich-hunts won through)
  • Las Vegas would like to make the awakened community more alert and ready for potential future hazards posed by the sun, as they have experienced a worrying increase in the activity and meddling in material affairs from the spirits of Helios. (Apparently light- and fire-spirits had begun claiming humans in unusual ways, leaving them more normal-seeming, among other things. Trondheim and Bangalore suggested this linked up with their concerns)
  • Representatives of the Seers of the Throne have fielded a request to have the Convocation recognize and support their intention to follow Pentacle law and custom in their current affairs. (The Valkyries from Prague declare Nemesis on Nobel, the Cabal joins in. Hermes accidentally qualifies himself for a Magisterium position)
  • The Mystagogues of Glastonbury Tor and London, under the urgings of the Sodality of the Tor, have requested the Convocation to finally declare the Shepherds of Night to officially be a left-handed legacy. (A fierce debate ensues, Morgause & Varde vs Dorian and Skadi, where much information is revealed, but the request is denied)
  • Hong Kong would like to confer with the records of Trondheim to verify whether or not an old Ministry has been reinstated or a new one has been spotted, and to hear if other Concilia have noticed this. (Seers centered around moral degradation, social corruption and organized crime have shown a level of organization hinting at a Ministry, both in Hong Kong and apparently in Las Vegas. It's unclear whether it's a resurgence of the Jotuns or a wholly new entity. Everyone agrees to freely share any new information on this topic for the next ten years)
  • Bangalore would like to bring to everyone's attention the fact that the world is due to end soon, and horrible disasters are in store for the world at large. (All manner of predictions, visions and omens indicate that the world is about to be engulfed in fire, whether symbolic or literal, destroying our way of life. Comparisons are made with the problem Trondheim has had with steadily more active and destructive fire-spirits for a decade or more, as well as the solar activity noticed by Las Vegas. The Eye of the Storm shares much of their own information on the matter. After much debate it is decided that the world IS ending soon, and that the Pentacle Orders to not approve of this situation, urging participating Concilia to oppose this development as they each see fit//)
  • End of Day

Day of Scrolls

  • The various Delegates and Envoys step up and present whatever mystical discoveries, inventions and accomplishments they want to make the public aware of, and can announce which will be made available and at which prices. Those who wish may petition for the equivalent of a 'patent', having the Magisterium's recognition of their work known and recorded. Among the highlights from these presentations we saw;
    • The Stone Scribes of Trondheim and San Fransisco have found out how to create Mementos, ghost-fetishes, which tap into the full spectrum of spectral powers beyond just Numina (as in, Geist-Manifestations)
    • Artful Dodger and his Cryptopoly have, through much hard work, developed a process which allows Mages to nurture into being their own "Places-that-aren't", the naturally forming pocket-locations sometimes found in the spirit world.
    • The Mysterium Caucus of Bangalore report that after four long years of underwater work their archaeomantic excavation of the Burckle Crater of the Indian Ocean has borne its first fruits: Not only have their analysis confirmed the notable presence of mineral composites and trace alloys which are both clearly artificial and require a fairly advanced level of technological advancement to produce, but they've also found enough remaining shards of larger items that they could reconstruct some of them. Given that the impact happened between 2'600 and 3'000 BC, and that research indicates that it might coincide with several other historic and mythic events of Awakened interest, this has brought a fair bit of excitement.
    • Théarchs of Las Vegas have not only used Enochian linguistics, Kabbalistic numerology and awakened astrological methods in order to pen a comprehensive work detailing the magical correspondences and symbolism of the non-classical planets/heavenly bodies, but can also report actual encounters with spirits from the Courts belonging to those Celestia spheres.
    • San Fransisco reports that their attempt to summon a Supernal being from the Aether was not only successful, but that there were no fatalities or lasting wounds among the Concilium members. The entity is now safely contained, and applications are open for those who wish to either join the research team or gain access to the results found thus far.
    • The Libertines of Las Vegas and Hong Kong can proudly report that their efforts at preemptive modernizing have worked: By transforming library-texts into a digital format they've become 97% less susceptible to the depredations of various spirits, rivals, cryptids and the walking dead. Though they admit that in time the forces of chaos will manage to adapt to the new formats this can't happen unless they get enough exposure to them, and so the old security systems have also been changed and updated. By employing the most cutting-edge techniques and always staying ahead of the curve they've proven that ages-old problems and monsters can be soundly defeated, as most of them are either ancient and slow to change or downright incapable of adjusting to fixtures of the modern world. Several enclaves of Mystagogues from around the world were asked to evaluate the results and almost all of them have already signed deals to have their Athanaea receive this sort of upgrade. This alone is hoped to ensure it being accepted as a new standard for protecting knowledge.
    • The New Bellerophon Society proudly reports that their revolutionary techniques have managed to create a computer that can perform a limited sort of mental projection through radio-waves, sending its 'mind' outside of its physical 'body', which the user then effectively remote-controls. Thus far it is limited to locations where a suitable receiver is present, but they have managed to install such devices on several satellites which are now in orbit around earth, so they've been launching their very first ''conceptual spacecrafts''.
    • Goat of San Fransisco reports that he has managed to uncover the secret behind Eidolonic Summoning, long thought to be lost even to the Clavicularii, and is going to publish these techniques on the internet.
    • The London delegation can proudly inform all attendees Carmarthen Concilium have uncovered the single largest and most intact piece of writings from the actual Merlin that are currently known to exist, and there are still positions open on the team of Mystagogues appointed to properly analyze and interpret the ancient text.
    • A cabal of enterprising mages from Trøndelag have proven that it's feasible to create a method of transport that goes through the Ley-Lines themselves, creating a non-Supernal yet nigh-instantaneous method of travel. They now seek assistance, funding and a suitable location in which to develop their first prototype and perform the testing necessary in order to perfect their invention enough that it can be widely implemented.
    • The alchemists of Las Vegas have developed a process by which they can produce perfected metals at an unprecedented speed and cost efficiency, which has led to a Concilium-initiated and privately sponsored research project into the creation of new magical alloys and the reverse engineering of old ones whose method of forging have become lost, such as Primium and Apergium, the first targets of this new initiative..
    • Bangalore researchers and postcognicators can at long last confirm that Alexander the Great was a sleepwalker, though how much he knew of the Awakened world still remains a matter of much debate. His conquest in India struck at sites with significance to the awakened with an uncanny accuracy, but what puzzles the historians is that most of these weren't of any great mystical or tactical importance (shrines venerating ancestors, long-deserted ruins, old sanctums too dangerous to inhabit, etc). Though the researchers are fairly certain that "the Green One" did in fact exist and was some sort of magician of one type or another his presence is sadly too occluded to identify him further. Whether Alexander's actions were influenced by this figure, or other unknown mages, is no clearer it would seem, nor what motives he or his 'sponsors' might have had in striking at the locations they did. But by meticulously going through the cultural paradigm of Indus-valley mages of the time and comparing with the reported events it is almost entirely certain that it was not a spell or curse or other form of retribution which caused Alexander's unexplained death so shortly after he returned from India, as has often been postulated.
  • Normal proceedings are suspended for many hours so attendees can mingle more freely amongst themselves, and the Ladder makes official translators and intermediaries freely available for the purpose of enabling negotiations, trade and other such agreements among the awakened. Food is also served throughout this period. (//Nobel presents himself as a professional magic item crafter. Dorian serves as notary for various contracts and agreements, though delegated the actual work to his shadow.)
  • Order is restored as people present the deals and accords they've reached, whether long in the making or recently agreed upon, and so have these recognized by the assembled mages and the Magisterium.
  • The Eye of the Storm appear out of a menacing dark bank of clouds that suddenly manifested, riding Thor's Chariot while wielding Mjølner, Járngreipr and Megingjörð, immediately claiming ownership of it all as their 'loot'
  • End of Day

Day of Sleep

  • Trondheim would like to bring up the topic of cultural heritage pollution (read: nazis co-opting their ancestral symbols and beliefs), requesting that a workable solution can be found to prevent or counteract it.
  • The Magisterium, with strong Guardian support, wishes to bring special focus on the problem of new media and how this threatens the Veil. There has been an outcry for updating the old traditions and guidelines of magely behavior so as to better represent the new reality we find ourselves in.
  • The so-called "hypercabal" styling itself 'The New Shoal of Night' wishes to point out how information technology and the virtualization of society is making atlantean magic obsolete.

Day of Justice

  • Mages from the Concilia of Trondheim, Oslo, Prague, Heidelberg, London, Glastonbury Tor, Carmarthen, Paris, Provence, Stockholm, Dovre, Berlin, Le Havre, Cicily, Athens, Alexandria, Istanbul, Cairo and Venice have officially voiced their agreement that they would like the Concilia of the United States of America to finally return all the various imbued items, Supernal Artifacts and cultural treasures they 'rescued' during the 1941-46 period and have been retaining 'for safekeeping' since then. It is noted that Kyoto, Rome and Switzerland have all done so, as according to the stipulations of the 'Donorum Redisse' Treaty of 1958, making the USA the sole signatory who hasn't.
  • Various groups have claimed to be legal inheritors of the Shoal of Night, and so the Convocation has been tasked with verifying or refuting these claims, clarifying the rules for Cabal heritage and inheritance.
  • Mages from Bangalore, London and Trondheim disagree as to which of them has the rightful ownership of a newly uncovered site believed to be an important cultural, historical and magosophical discovery from the early interregnum, or before. The mages of Britain, as represented by London, claim it belongs to them and their culture, Bangalore claims ownership by Finder's Rights, while Trondheim claims ownership because the sunken city lies within the physical borders of their Concilium.
  • Are mages liable for the crimes committed by their future selves? Or for crimes that were made to have never happened? The Convocation has decided that the laws need to be further debated and revised for this sort of situations.


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