Collar Of Tamas

Nature: Unknown Imbued Item/Spirit-Fetish/Soulstone hybrid
First encountered: 2.3 "A Plague on Both Your Houses", where it's placed around Chimera's neck
Notable appearances: 3.2 "But Now the Dead Begin to Rise…", where it finally managed to corrupt Chimera completely

Description: A black leather collar, not unlike the sorts usually used on big dogs.

Effects: Uncertain, but seemed to slowly but surely insinuate itself into the pattern of the wearer, incorporating its nature into his own. Required express consent in order for the process to begin, and seemed to only react when the wearer acted in ways which the creator disagreed with somehow, though the specific details here are unclear. In the end it's believed to have affected Chimera so much as to make him betray his cabal and ally himself with the Dread Fellowship of Apep, and may have played a part in the resurrection of their leader.

Info: Even after several experts examined and studied the collar its exact nature, powers or even means of creation remained uncertain, though it's believed that it was fashioned by the Tamas and that one of his soulstones was used as raw material in the process.

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