Clues: Visions, Divinations, Fate Sight, and similar

There's been quite a lot of scenes and information found in the form of dreams, prophecies, fate ''pings'', realizations, divinations, cryptic comments and foreshadowings, ominous events and so on. Here's a place people can list the ones they remember, or have vague memories of but can't recall details of, and so on. It should also be possible to discuss or theorize about these, either here, on the forum, or the random speculation page.

Fate Sight "Pings" and similar

  • "I am the (last?) god-king of Atlantis!"
  • "That's no moon"
  • "I'm the queen bitch of the universe"
  • Jokingly: "Maybe we fell down there and can't find out way out?" (re: why will we be in the Underworld?)
  • "If you start thinking like that it's just as likely that we end up building a new watchtower now and then send it back in time so it has always existed"
  • "Heck, in the end it'll turn out that I'm the maker of the Artifacts"
  • "For all we know the last coin is in Eldorado"

Seeing the Future

  • Divination: Free Council will split off from concilium, go to war with the local Seers, then turn to attack the Oakland seers, and consequently get wiped out, every single one of them.
  • Divination: Nobel will be eaten by gigantic, shabbily made animatronic spider
  • Divination: Next time Cabal sees one of the Neverborn will be in the Underworld. What are they doing there? "Trying to get into an Archmaster's Chantry
  • Divination: "Where will this lead us?", asked during Concilium meeting. Answer (cannot remember all of it): "Trondheim, Tibet, Iram, Xanadu, Czechoslovakia, the Temple of Seven Pillars, Asgarð, Cibola"
  • Divination (usikker på ordlegging): Q: "Will Nobel be targeted by radioactive attack?". A: "Yes". Q: "By who?". A: "The Phoenix"
  • Prophecy: "What must they (Hermes and Nobel, but implied it's their entire cabal) do to find the Temple of Seven Pillars?". What I remember of results at the moment: They'll research mundane history, geology, and similar to find basics. Will need map received from Dalai Llama and compass found in Nobel's room used in conjunction to get there properly. Also scuba-gear or similar. Should bring the strangr crystal found together with The Book at the Omphalos-shrine, as well as similar one the Llama's allies have.
  • Divination: Q: "When will we next meet Isis and her Pylon?" A: 2012. Q: Where? A: Inner Mongolia. Q: Why are we there? A: To get back the piece of the Artifact they've stolen. Q: What will the weather be like? A: Raining crystals. Q: What? A: Preemptive morphic pattern bleed
  • Divination: How will Panopticon die? A: Being turned into stone.
  • Divination: "What are the consequences of this?" (blowing up the Moth house where the Halaku are nesting). A: The Dread Fellowship of Apep will acquire the Holy Grail.
  • Divinations about the death of various cabal members: Skadi turned into victim shadow by blast from fiery wings or simply disintegrated by lightning-blast from Thor's hammer, Nobel either killed within the mithraeum with poison that makes his spine explode (further investigations revealed that the monster which injected this venom in him was known as "Pnartaxwala") or blasted with the hammer as well. Hermes killed by Seer ambush in Prague while trying to save the mother of the Hieromagus. Dorian most likely shot to death moments prior to that.
  • Divination: When will the world end? A: Within a year or two. Visions of Tamas Angra Mainyu holding the Holy Grail, and the world engulfed in strange flames. How? A: Faint, indistinct symbolic imagery of Dorian mounted upon a winged horse with Tamas as a serpent-like demonic entity trampled underfoot, where Dorian is in the process of smiting Tamas with a spear, all of it seemingly modeled after some iconic religious imagery (1), (2), (3), (4), but with Tamas apparently using the Grail to catch or divert or survive the blow. Where will it begin? A: Gareos.
  • Prophecy: What will Nobel need to bring when going after Mjöllner: Solid insulating rubber boots, medikit, hazmat suit.
  • Prophecy: Apollo helps out Chimera in relations to Collar, here are answers but I can't remember the actual questions. "By seeking out the Dread Fellowship of Apep and gaining their aid", "The absence of allies and weapons", "Seek you out the dark man of the crossroads, the greymalkin who flies in the night, or let the dark birds of Morrigan lead your way", "By the blackness of their souls; by the company they keep; by the feathers they wear and cling to", "The mother of demons will have her revenge and her mate", "When the hoard of the dragon is found; When the Übermensch speaks his secrets; then your time is running out", "If you live"

Dreams and Visions

  • Nobel's geometric vision on his way back from Awakening
  • The statement heard by Persephone-to-be during her Awakening, which may translate roughly into "This time they will not fail", with various ambiguous undertones and possible interpretations. "They" seemed to denote a specific, relatively limited group of people, probably between 2 and 5, who are either literally or symbolically 'family' or 'related' to each other.
  • The Condiments, Pepper and Rosemary in particular, perceived many strange things during their jaunt through time. Notable were: The sun's corona during a total eclipse, a live performance of Carmina Burana, man dying in hospital, some sort of bank vault or similar, and a female-ish figure clad for exploring very cold and hostile environments. She seemed to be within the Eclipse Temple, clutching a "wrench"-piece of the Artifact, which was emitting copious amounts of light, later realized to be the source for the glow which enveloped the group as the experience began. A strong taste of some sort of fairly sour and bitter fruit was felt by all in that aspect of the vision, which Pepper's synesthesia translated into a ruby-red colour and the sound of running water, like a small river or big stream. His synesthesia also recognized that the glow sounded something like "Kherem", and was connected graphically to The Symbol (similar to how the letter 'a' can be green and taste of beans, from his point of view).

Thus Sprach Ananke: The things it has said / revealed / stated thus far

  • "Are you of The Children? Are you of the Apprentices? Are you of the Orders? Are you of the Island?". Followed by pictograms, when verbal understanding seemed to be lacking, as translated with 'Atlantean Language oo'.
  • "I exist to ensure there are no mistakes". Unsure on wording: "That the Artifact is employed without abuse"
  • On their first meeting, it illustrated this scene
  • When asked about its creator, it said that the name most beneficial for them to learn for him was Shemyaza"
  • While under the influence og Glamour it became rather talkative and belligerent, making several disparaging comments about various people. Like how Dorian hasn't changed much, apart from being more twitchy, less competent and less sexy, for example.

Information or comments uttered by NPC's

  • Lalitha Meddha: "I was not born of this city, I crawled out of the primordial ocean!"
  • Lord Opener of Shard: Confronted Skadi shortly before her Awakening, claiming he had come to this place by following the blazing light of a "beacon", and thus tracked her down. Stated that he was bound by a promise that forbid him to go home without her key. Later on claimed that the key was made by capturing, torturing and mutilating him, cutting away part of him to use as raw material.
  • Director of Operations, Homeland Security:
  • Tamas:
  • Mazda:
  • Quetzalcoatl:

Symbols, motifs and themes

  • The Symbol
  • The number 7 (feel free to list all occurences registered thus far)
  • Desert of black sand strewn unevenly with gems
  • Footsteps in the sand


  • During the showdown at the end of the Archon Caper strange visions and hallucinations seemed to make the cabal members to be wearing different clothes and equipment, or even be different people. For example, Hermes looked like he was dressed in the attire of the Ananke, while skadi looked like this
  • While experimenting with using the ''Rewrite History'' function of Nobel's wrench without a specific goal while in Norway the cabal found many of their Order-tools replaced with new and strange ones. Nobel - Rope. Skadi - Sword. Dorian - Chisel. Hermes - Bucket. While scanning for other things with her ''sphinx-sight'' Skadi noticed that whatever link of/or symbolism existed between these items also connected them with the Spear of Convocation, the design(s) of the Megingjörð-belt, the Hammer of Thor and the Tiara of Denavi.
  • Various small odds and ends found in the margins and inside the texts of The Book
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