Clue Bat

Nature: Changeling Token (••••)
First Encountered: 4.4 "Caverns Measureless to Man", where it was bought at the Market Below

Description: To mundane sight it appears to be nothing but a slightly worn and well-used baseball bat, but under the Mask one can see that it is covered in faint and nigh-unreadable eldritch runes carved into the wood. When activated these begin to glow with a sudden, dirty yellow light.

Effects: If successfully used, the target has sudden insight, understanding and ideas, potentially seeing critical flaws in current plans, realizing connections between known facts, or even getting clues on how to solve the current dilemma. On an exceptional success he might even get a rough idea on how to proceed. This is similar to the ''common sense'' merit, but with variable results (see below),

Drawback: In order to get the insight provided by the bat you need to be hit in the head with it, where the number of un-mitigated Bashing damage suffered by the blow determining the amount and quality of understanding gained. In addition, like the ''common sense'' merit a character can only benefit from this item once per game session. Repeated use only deals further damage, nothing more (beyond possibly concussion).

Catch: If the character won't or can't pay Glamour or roll Wyrd in order to activate the Token, the Bat deals Lethal damage to its target instead. This can be used to wound enemies in combat, but it still takes one turn to activate the item before it can be used to strike, and it tends to make sure the enemy so struck knows exactly how to win the current battle.


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