Nature: Cryptid
First Encountered: 3.1 "Stolen Hearts", where they targeted the PC's
Notable appearances: The plot where they were finally gotten rid of

Description: Look like cockroaches created out of elegant and complex clockwork. Often operate in swarms.

Info: Apparently these creatures only appear when a temporal paradox has been committed, being able to track the perpetrators through time and space but with seeming difficulties involved in noticing or affecting anyone else. It is believed that they act to 'fix' whatever damages or imbalance in the natural order which such a paradox has caused by eating/abducting/destroying the person responsible for it.

Their most remarkable trait is their utter immunity to Time magic, especially those spells that see into the future: Such effects are incapable of foreseeing the Clockroaches or the effect they will have on the timeline, and so only show how the future would be if these creatures didn't intervene, often given rather wildly inaccurate visions. In spite of this their own powers actually involved the direct manipulation of time, which ignored their immunity freely, and involved tricks such as temporal co-location and pushing themselves or opponents forwards or backwards in time for a few moments.

They began "hunting" the Eye of the Storm after they destroyed the Clock of Rasputin, but it was later uncovered that this was because the explosion of that event left a residue on their souls made out of a soulstone belonging to Mr Saturday. This allowed him to shift their attention away from himself, fooling the senses of the Clockroaches into believing his actions had been performed by that cabal.

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