Clock Of Rasputin

Nature: Artifact ••••• ••••• •••
Mana Capacity: 13
Activation: Aligning the dials on the clock's face correctly and posing it the questions one wishes to have answered, and then rolling Gnosis +6. Almost all powers cost 1 Mana from the Clock's own store to use, and unlike other artifacts it only generates Mana once every month, which cannot be refilled by external forces.
Effects: Augury, Divination, Prophecy, Postcognition, and the ability to see what might have been if the user had chosen differently on a decision in his past, with 1 follow-up question granted per additional success. Its final power is rather unique in that it upgrades any of its other functions so that it can bypass entirely any and all known ways to hide or delete or disguise periods of time, no matter the Potencies involved. It does change the activation cost to 10 Mana, however, and so is seldom used lightly, but it reveals events deleted by the Doomsday Clock, Chronos Shielded by Archmasters or fabricated by Ministers equally.
First encounter: P1.1 "The treasure of the lost Stradivarius"
Notable appearances: 3.1 "Stolen Hearts", where it was acquired from Oakland and summarily destroyed

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