Cloaking Spells

Prerequisites: Prime ••
Mechanics: A mage with at least 2 dots in Prime can choose to "Cloak" his spells as he casts them by spending an additional point of mana. This is a spell–modification similar to making a spell ''Delayed'' with Time 2, or ''Sympathetic'' with Space 2, or adding ''Conditional Duration'' with Fate 2.

"Cloaking" hides the casting from the ''Unseen Senses'' of other mages, and makes it harder to notice the spell with Mage Sight after it's been cast. Cloaking becomes a new Spell Factor, akin to "Duration" and "Targets", which the character applies to the casting as penalties or required successes:

F Cloaking Effects Instant Extended
1 -1 to notice, Potency 2 to detect -2 dice +1 success
2 -2 to notice, Potency 4 to detect -4 dice +2 successes
3 -3 to notice, Potency 6 to detect -6 dice +3 successes
4 -4 to notice, Potency 8 to detect -8 dice +4 successes
5 -5 to notice, Potncy 10 to detect -10 dice* +5 successes**

*Impose an additional -2 penalty per added Cloaking Factor beyond this
**Add an additional +1 success to the target number per added Cloaking Factor beyond this

Effects of Spell Cloaking

Those with Mage Sight active can reflexively roll Wits + Occult – Cloaking Factors to notice that the spell exists; otherwise it is not detected (won't hide act of casting, so witness still sees that)

If this roll succeeds the character noticed that there was a spell present, but gets no more information without scrutinizing for it. Also, this won't hide the character's Nimbus if he's casting a Vulgar spell.

Penetrating Spell Cloaking

A detection spell with Potency ≥ (nr of Cloaking Factors ×2) will automatically defeat the Cloaking (similar to how detection spells auto-defeat veiling-spells by having more potency than them)

Example: If an Aura Vision spell benefits from 3 levels of Cloaking Factors it can be automatically detected without problem by any Mage Sight spell that has a potency of 6 or more.

Scrutinizing for Cloaked Spells

If someone is specifically looking for hidden spells, even if their Mage Sight potency isn't high enough, they can still find a Cloaked spell.

Detecting a Cloaked spell requires successes on Scrutinizing equal to Cloaking Factors ×2, but the effort takes longer time than usual scrutiny (as per rules in corebook for finding hidden spells; 10 min per roll).


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