Clainyghos Bhefaven - The Faun/Nymph/Banshee

Nature: A very complex & advanced Living spell from the Temple of the Seven Towers
Pillar: Copper / Khypris / Venus / Four / Tower of the Blood Handprint
Composition: ●Life, ●Forces, ●Spirit, ●Compelling, ●Perfecting, ●Silver Ladder
Mythically remembered as: Faun, Bean Nighe, Nymph, Cailleach Bheur, Siren, Glaistig, Banshee, Cabbyl-ushtey
First Appearance: 5.1 "…Couldn't put Þrúðvangr together again", where Hermes had a vision of the future showing how his own grandfather would meet the faun in a pub, whereupon the old man's attempts to chat her up would result in a bar brawl
First Encounter: 6.8 "Footprints on the sands of time", where the PC's met her while evacuating the temple contents that could be salvaged, and allowed her to escape along with them.

Description: A beautiful woman with sea-green skin resembling verdigris, with the lower half in the shape of a goat, long blonde hair and with small bumps or horns on her forehead.

Info: Name translates as "Auspicious Woman who is an old water-spirit of interpersonal social bonds". Was the only "tower-totem" that didn't reveal itself to the explorers, nor interacted with them, at least not until the entire temple was collapsing and the pillar she was bound to was about to be relocated to a safer location. Apparently she was pacified by how the PC's had politely introduced themselves upon entering her domain, declared they were peaceful guests, and had then proceeded to play some nice music and wander in the grassy garden for a bit. Unlike most of the other sentinels, it seems this sort of behavior was sufficient for her to let them roam freely without interruptions.


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