Christine Evans

Personal assistant to Samantha Valenzetti
A well dressed brunette is perhaps in her late 30's, and although her usual appearance is all smiles and general friendlyness, it must be noted that her life is dominated by a near-constant worry. Has a way with words, but seldon uses this for her own advantage. Uses contact lenses, but abhors the thought that she's in need of sight-aides at all.

Josh's Ally in Valkyrie Inc. This competent lady sees to nearly every mundane aspect of ms. Valenzetti's life, to the point where she arranges for her to meet her offspring, or interact with all those people that does not directly affect Valkyrie's finances. Sam is just a bit… preoccupied with her work, and Christine sees it as her responsibility to show the world what a great person Sam really is. And she just needs to… edit, discretely of course, how Ms. Valenzetti comes across to these people, so they don't "misunderstand" her as that distanced from her workers lives as she really is. ("It's just that she's been sleeping very little lately due to working 24/7 with this billionaire deal, you know, and she might just be a bit… distracted today because of it. And still she'll labour on through this entire meeting, no matter how long it'll take without as much as a comment! Now that's dedication, right? So perhaps you could just, without any fuss and as a personal favour to me, cancel this meeting and forward the matters at hand through me instead, for her healths sake? Ms. Valenzetti will work through this meetings items, and contact you straight away with her solutions, just as she would do anyways. And I'll look favourably on that last item on that list, the lobby coffee-maker budget, ok?"<- Smoothing over a personnell meeting with the tedious forman for sub-corp F) It's good that it's against her nature to actually admit to her employer having the flaws she has, and rather sees them as overpowering strenghts then. Or else Valkyrie Inc. might be seen a lot more in financial gossip-papers.

At least she only needs to do that rarely. From time to time, you know. Well, sometimes quite often… Okay, all the time then! Happy? Good!

Recently murdered a business associate who made inappropriate advances during a covert business meeting, starting of a mystery when she called Joshua to help cover up her deeds. Chimera, Hermes and Skadhi entered the Valkyrie-building and started their cover up/investigation. When examined, the corpse was discovered to be dropping to sub-freezing internal temperature. Also, a black remnant of a non-spiritual "living darkness" substance covered the crime scene in Twilight, almost as a blast radius, but was only visible to certain death-related Mage-sights.

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