Nature: Enhanced Items (Hedgespun)
Names: "Hoggva" & "Sníða"
Owner: Skaði Jarnseiðsdottir
First Encountered: 4.4 "Caverns Measureless to Man", where where they were purchased at the Market Below

Description: To mortal eyes they appear to be little more than a pair of elegant, lacquered chopsticks, though of such elegance that they seem intended more for decoration than actual use. At the bottom end each one has a small porcelain cap. If one sees beneath the mask, however, it's apparent that they're made of the finest green jade.

Effects: Though they're shaped like mere utensils of wood the Chopsticks have somehow had their 'fate' or 'place in the world' exchanged with that of a pair of high-quality steel daggers, allowing them to function as if that is what they truly were, despite their physical shape and composition. Conveniently, this property can be deactivated by twisting the bottom-caps to the ''safe'' setting.


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