Suggestion for the outlines of a charter:

The signatories to this Charter, members of the cabal of the Eye of the Storm, all hereby agree:

To support each other as we attempt to reach enlightenment,

To hold each others backs against whatever may beset us,

To protect the sleepers in the territories we claim,

To respect the territories claimed by other cabals,

To offer our hospitality and protection to the extent of our abilities and resources to those who request it, and who we grant it to,

To seek reparations for any damages that may have been done against our sanctum,

To respect the sanctity of other mages sancta, and offer recompense for any damages we may have done,

To not conspire to willfully harm our fellow cabal members,

To respect wisdom, knowledge and experience, and accept the guidance of those that exceed us in a given field,

To hold true to the concilium of the Arisen Phoenix, respect its authority over us and accept its laws,

And, finally, to seek to make the world a better place than it was when we found it.

Several of these points are further elaborated on below:

When any mage desires enter our territories, we request that the mage contacts the cabal, by phone (number), by herald, post, or suitable magical communication (which includes sending familiars, sleepwalker messengers, messenger spirits). The exception to this is any mage who we have already given permission to enter our territories (for a given instance, or for a given term), Heralds and Sentinels in the execution of their duties, and the area within one block of Harry's Bar [specific information on territory].

The area around Harry's bar may be entered by any mage, and the bar is to be considered neutral ground. Any mage may use it for meetings and negotiations, as long as its sleepers and the veil (see below) are respected. However, we demand that peace is held in that area, and any mage committing any violent act will be considered in breach of the rite of passage, and prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. We will also consider it within our right to intervene with necessary force against whoever decides to use force within these grounds.

Anyone who breaches the sanctity of our grounds, by not requesting permission to enter, by casting violating spells on the sleepers within, or by committing violence to sleepers or other mages, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible, and we consider it within our right to intervene with whatever amount of force we consider necessary.

As we consider other cabals attempt to guard the sleepers in their areas (using responsible methods) to be worthy acts, we will give our aid to whoever needs it to uphold such responsibilities as they may have taken upon themselves in this field, if we are able to at the time, if they request it, and as long as the Veil is respected.

We ask that others respect the sanctity of our sanctum, and we will seek reparations for any damages that may be done to it or whatever it may hold. We will seek reparations as follows:

For any damage done to structure or contents,, where possible, we will request it be repaired, at least to the quality it had before its damage, as judged by us. If possible, this shall be done magically, if this may be done while respecting the Veil.

If repair is not possible, we will request replacement, if possible. The replacement object must be of at least equivalent quality and be as close to the original as possible, and the replacement must be acceptable to the members of this cabal.

If neither repair not replacement is possible, we will request compensation. This is of negotiable items of greater value than the destroyed property, or of deeds comparable in value. The item must be considered acceptable by all in the cabal.

Disputes and decisions:
Disputes and decisions internally in the cabal shall be decided by consensus, if possible, or a simple majority vote if not.

Breaches of this charter shall be punished by methods chosen by the cabal members themselves, as detailed by the above method, and the sanctions may include anything up to, and including, expulsion from the cabal, refusal of aid, deeds or withdrawal of access to our shared resources.

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