Cardenio: Shakespeare's Lost Play

Nature: Mystic Tome which details how to perform a magical ritual / perform a play
First Encountered: P1.1 "The Treasure of the Lost Stradivarius"


Description: A sheaf of old, dry papers, the ink smudged and faded with age, bound in leather in a way that doesn't quite fit the pages, making the folio look overstuffed and ragged around the edges. In it is written by hand the text of a theatrical play.

Effects: If the play is ever performed it acts as a supernatural rite, opening a portal to a realm of fire and suffering known only as "the Atlantean Hell", though this may not be entirely accurate.

Info: According to the ghost of Giovanni Stradivari the meteor (or comet) which destroyed New Atlantis left behind large deposits of starmetal, an incredible fortune for alchemists and mystic smiths to exploit when it was finally excavated. Many items were forged and crafted, from weapons to ornaments, but it took years before people realized that the cataclysmic event which created the metal also caused it to be imbued with foul and unholy energies that influenced and corrupted all who were exposed to it.

The culmination of this came when Shakespeare was given a small piece of jewelry made of the sinister siderite by a grateful customer, and under its growing influence he unwittingly wrote a play which would open a portal directly to Hell when performed. The association of alchemists and metallurgists who were behind the profitable starmetal enterprise soon learned the horrible truth and went about retrieving every single scrap of the metal they had introduced to the world, gathering them up and locking them away in a hidden vault at the bottom of the ocean. They also spent everything they had on bribes and payment and extreme measures to make sure the play was never published, and after buying the original text they sealed it in the vault along with the rest of the products they'd made.

Ever since they'd kept that secret, until their fellowship died out and their descendants no longer awakened to magic, the final surviving scion taking the information to his grave. Once could wonder why they did not simply destroy it all, but few artists and craftsmen have the heart to destroy their own masterpieces, and even fewer people are willing to destroy the treasures and artworks they've spent all their money on acquiring. Also, they were Mystagogues.

In 1928 it was found by the condiments through the use of a violin made with trace amounts of the siderite mineral so as to quasi-magnetically detect the aforementioned hellish energy from afar. Unfortunately they were followed by the Jailers of Pentheus who were seeking the play specifically, and so stole it and actually used it to open such a portal and summon forth a horribly powerful and demon with a physical presence. In the end they were thwarted, the demon killed, the theatre burned down, and the play handed over to the Guardians of Paris and locked away in their legendary and infamous Shadow Directory.

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