The Cabal

The group finally sat down and discussed what and how the Cabal should be. A name was created, the sigil described, the Great Rights were chosen and titles were given.

Name: Eye of the Storm
Sigil: A feathered snake coiled around a lightningstruck sycamore tree.
The Great Rights: Right of Crossing, Right of Emeritus, Right of Hospitality and Right of Sanctuary.

Farseeker: Hermes
The one who has the responsibility of getting what the Cabal needs. Also known as the "Hand", or the "Scrounger".

Edgetender: Alfred Nobel
The one who's responsibility is with the mystical resources of the Cabal. Also known as the "Eye".

Doorwarden: Rui Shi
The one who protects the Cabal. Also known as the "Fist", or the "Bouncer".

Lorekeeper: Skaði Jarnseiðsdottir
The one who is responsible for the history and knowledge of the Cabal. Also known as the "Head", or the "Scribe".

Hearthmaster: Chimera
The one who is responsible for maintaining the Sanctrum. Also known as the "Heart".

The Cabal has decided that it is democratically ruled, which means that none should be capable of abusing the power given to them by the Cabal.

Thus far Nobel has come up whith a list of how the Mana could be distributed.
Monday: Rui Shi
Tuesday: Skaði
Wednesday: Chimera
Thursday: Hermes
Friday: Nobel
Saturday and Sunday: Tass and Necessity.

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