Brian Shoreman

Nature: Sleeper cultist
Allegiance: The Dread Fellowship of Apep
Encountered: 3.2 "But Now The Dead Begin To Rise"

Description: Black-suited businessman in his late thirties

Info: Though hard work and good people skills Brian had managed to become fairly rich and successful by striving through the corporate engine for most of his life. Now in his mid-thirties he felt almost crippling loneliness, depression weighing down on him as he felt his life was utterly empty and meaningless. However, the Fellowship showed him the light, and revealed that everything was bound for annihilating emptiness already, as the alien horrors of the Outer Void would consume every shred of value, emotion, meaning and soul in the entire world. He was merely one of the enlightened ones who had seen this truth already, and once everything but the hollow shell of the material existence had been eradicated he would be utterly free.

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