Book Of Dead Names

Nature: Magic item; relic
Creator: Giovanni Illare
First encountered: P1.5 "Tablets of the Hieromagus"

Description: An old volume from the late 16th century, bound in black leater with no title on the cover, only a single roman numberal "I" in gold ink adorning the spine. It's perhaps four inches thick, the cover 9x11, where the cracks in the leather seem to form images or patterns if stared at for two long. The pages are filled with text penned in black ink, at first solely in a steady latin but after a while breaking up in several different languages and handwritings.

Effects: If the name of a dead person, or soon to be dead person, is entered into the book their spirit will be bound to it, holding them in limbo. They cannot pass on, and those using the book can converse with the ghosts trapped within the pages, asking questions and receiving answers in the form of automatic writing.

Info: Stolen by the condiments from a private collection in Milan, together with the Dagger of the Succubus and the Hylic Grail. The use of the book had managed to trap the souls of slain guards at Shamballah, preventing them from reincarnating and giving witness statements about who stole the Arc Spear.

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