The Black Grail; The Hylic Grail

Nature: Imbued Item
Mana Capacity: Unknown
First encountered: P1.5 "Tablets of the Hieromagus"
Notable appearances: 4.1 "Veni, Vidi, Venice"

Description: A sturdy, simple, old-fashioned drinking goblet. Seemingly made out of a dark matte black material, potentially some sort of leaden alloy. The only decorations are a large, cracked crowning emerald near the brim and an inscription: "Everything is True, Nothing is Permitted". It has later been revealed that among the half-faded engravings each Grail sports the crest and rune of the Greater House it belongs to.

Effects: Can store an enormous amount of souls, so much so that the grail has never been filled to capacity. It was also created to interact interestingly with the attainments of the Tremere Liches. If a willing target drinks from the cup a Lich holding the grail can use their attainments through it as an instant action instead of extended. It also allows for two interesting options when a Tremere uses it like this: The first is that the soul isn't actually removed, just tied to the grail and will reside within it after the person dies.

The second is that while the soul is indeed severed and remains within the grail it also establishes a conduit between itself and the target, allowing them to continue existing as if they still had the soul within them. Though the body and spirit physically reside in different locations they are in enough contact that the normal interaction between them can be maintained. A Lich holding the grail can deactivate or even sever this bond, if he so chooses.

It is also believed that the grails allows for the swearing of Fate-Oaths which deprive the user of their soul should they break their promise, but this could simply be a misunderstanding caused by how the known powers are often employed by the owners.

Info: Supposedly created by Koschiei after his extensive study of the Infliction, three Black Grails have been known to exist, one for each of the original Houses. They were used as gifts of friendship and unity, symbols of might and authority, and represented the ultimate supremacy of their new powers.

Sometimes regarded as a sort of 'crown jewels' for the Legacy. At least one (the Koschiei-grail) is on record as having been destroyed during the Lich War in San Fransisco, while another one (the Vrykolaka-grail) is held by the Voivohde of Venice, while the Liches state that the third one was last known to reside with Zacchaeus, founding Primogen of House Lazarus. However, it has been uncovered that the one stolen by the Condiments from a private collection in Milan also carried the crest and glyph of House Koschiei, though as it vanished through time along with the rest of the holdings of that Cabal it is unknown where it went after that point.

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