Nature: Ancient Sanctum
First Encountered: 4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men"
Original Inhabitants: Thor and his household (closest followers, extended family, sleepwalker servants/employees)
Location: Within the pocket-realm of Þrúðvangr

Description: A large and complex dwelling, built of masterfully constructed and carpentered stone, wood and nails, with the different roofs plated with such things as golden scale-mail, red ceiling-bricks, hexagonal granite tiles, and hay. Both its majestic yet robust architecture as well as the ornate carvings and ornamentation is clearly of the Norse cultural family, while the countless rooms, chambers, halls, and advanced facilities reveal a much higher level of sophistication than history nor archaeology has revealed to us so far.

Info: The interior of the mansion has been described in legends as having some five to nine hundred rooms, the layout of which is so complex that a visitor who took a wrong turn managed to get lost so completely he spent seven years wandering around trying to find his way back. The Mage Sight of the Space arcanum reveals that there is at least a seed of truth to this conceit, as the sanctum is protected by a spatial effect which mazes and confounds unauthorized visitors by changing directions and distances, altering hallways and staircases so the entire mansion becomes an ever-shifting labyrinth for them. Though the place has many features that could be covered in detail the traits that became relevant for the Cabal would be that it not only had Thor's own garage and private armory where his magical chariot, bracers and belt were stored, but also that atop its tallest tower Bilskirnir hosts the Mjöllner Array, capacitor and conduit of unprecedented scale and scope.

Illustrations: Click the pictures to see them at full size.

ThrudFront02.jpg ThrudBack03.jpg
Front View Rear View
ThrudSide02.jpg ThrudSlant03.jpg
Side View Perspective View (Very Badly drawn)


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