Benjamin Ritter

Nature: Sleeper
Affiliation: Loyalists of Thule
First Encountered: 3.5 "Your Permanent Record", where he translated the contents of a Cryptex
Notable Appearances: Interlude: "Fall of the house of Schäfer", where he was hired in as expert on german occult history and third reich mysticism, and then suffered after experimental nazi ghouls stole his insulin. 5.3 "Tick-tock goes the Calendar", where he was once again personal assistant and 'guy young enough to carry heavy luggage' when his bosses/senior thulists went vampire-hunting in Prague.

Description: Young man, thin and lanky, with slightly unwashed black hair reaching bit past his ears.

Info: Sensible enough to flee from the plague. Runs small occult bookshop in Heidelberg. By now, dislikes camping-trips in German wilderness as much as much as Dorian does.

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