Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Legacy: The Eleventh Question
Cabal: Solitary (formerly of the Inspectors of the Scales)
Notable Appearances: 5.2 "There but for the grace of us", wherein he was finally restored from his corpse-simulating state. 5.4 "Grapes of Sorrow", wherein someone hired killers to take him out, mere days after his return. 5.6 "The Clocktower…of DOOM!", wherein he was kidnapped by the Green Dragon Crescent Spear on Rui Shi's orders and given access to most of the PC's stored information.


Info: Mentor of Mycroft. Retired from active awakened life upon the conclusion of the Lich War, after having lost both his wife and children to enemy action.

Contrary to the ST's erroneous beliefs, he was actually turned into a corpse by a woman later on identified by Apollo to have been Sigyn, then had his soul stolen by that same person and his body dumped at the bottom of the bay, from which it was later secretly retrieved by the Eye of the Storm.

One of their Mystagogue members at the time (Chimera) then brought the corpse to Apollo for examination, and it was he who both recognized the corpse as having been the Guardian known as Basil, and revealing the last thing it saw before dying, as well as recognizing the face the assailant as belonging to the (believed) late wife of Apollo's best friend, Low-Key. This noticeably shocked and disturbed him, naturally enough, and while visibly flustered he applied a magical anti-decay scarab-item before stashing the 'stiff' in one of the refrigerated vaults in the deeper reaches of the Athenaeum, before suggesting that the PC's not speak to others about what they'd seen until he'd looked into the matter and ensured that it wasn't some misunderstanding or trick.

It was never brought up again.

Said corpse was therefore accidentally left behind in that deep vaults within the suddenly-empty Athenaeum, quietly rotting away there without further notice. As it was not technically Athenaeum property it was not shifted into the future along with the rest of the inventory, but given the size of the subterranean vaults, nobody had done a thorough enough search to spot this one body remaining behind.

He was revived many years later by Skadi, in 2024, whereupon he helped her cabal survive the post-apocalyptic wasteland and cooperated with Hermes on getting them all back to 2009, even though as a result of this he now exists as a lifeless faux-corpse and as an active mage simultaneously.

Almost immediately after his return another attempt at assassination was taken out on him, using the renowned Tremere-associates sometimes known as Romeo & Juliet (or Tristan & Iseult, or Orpheus & Eurydike, or Him & Her, etc, etc), and only because the entire operation was done in haste, rushed through by the employer, did Basil not only survive, but he and the PC's managed to capture the perpetrators.

This event led him to believe, however, that someone of high political position within the Concilium had secretly been a traitor during the war, and perhaps still were, and he thereby 'deduced' that the several attempts at his own life, the assassination of Han, and other events like the Nemesis Continuum suddenly showing up out of nowhere to infect Heisenberg just in time to make the ruling council cancel Project Flashback, were all deliberate efforts by this same traitor to avoid having their dirty secret revealed.

Basil then immediately set off on his own, severing all contact and ties with other mages, in order to 'hunt down' this enemy. The PC's meanwhile remembered that his soul had been stolen when he faked his own death, and since it had already been given to Roskva to replace her original soul (which had been eaten by liches, the very event which sparked the final active part of the lich war) they were faced with a dilemma.

They solved it by taking all the ''soul bits'' they had accidentally drained from Caterine Beldame while fighting her in Prague, and then using the Psychopomp to ''smelt'' them together into something close enough to function as a human soul for Basil, before implanting it in the corpse-version of him still hidden within the Athenaeum, thereby ensuring that after being revived he had actually had his soul all along, retroactively.

Rui Shi later on made a deal with Snake, the Aeon of Spirit, in order to empower his spirit-roused ancestral guan-dao to the degree that it could move itself around, so that it could go forth and capture Basil before he did something unfortunate to (relatively) innocent Concilium officials, and keep him contained in their sanctum so they could talk some sense into him.

In the end they reached a mutually beneficial agreement, where Basil was given the shape and resonance and Final Name of Rui Shi in order to go into ''deep cover'' and live his mortal life, both to keep Basil safe but also so Rui Shi could avoid having to explain to his family of sleepers why he was pregnant. Meanwhile, Basil would use this opportunity to systematically go through all available evidence and information in his spare time, trying to find some answers.

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