Baron Fairweather

Nature: DRAGON! Also, fairy-god
Full Title: Archmaster of the Subtle Key
First mentioned: 2.5 "More than a thousand words"
First Encountered: 4.4 "Caverns Measureless To Man"

Appearance: In his human guise he appeared to be no more than a white-haired man in his sixties or seventies, wearing a simple yet elegant suit of purest white and smoking a cigarette. The only indication that he was anything but a mortal man would be his eyes, which were like pools of glowing silver.

In his true form, however, he was gigantic and overwhelming; his draconic body was some three or more stories tall and at least three times as long. Nigh-impenetrable scales of purest silver, sheathed in a nimbus of fire so hot it burned a blueish-white, and regal enough that all metal obeyed his commands, he was indeed a god made flesh. Yet against mages armed with cold iron he was threatened enough to sublimate himself, letting the protective flames consume him and thus becoming a creature of pure silvery-blue fire, except for his still-silver eyes and a heart of lunargent now visible through the inferno.

Info: A gangster, an abductor, the founder and leader of a criminal syndicate, the dragon-god of minions and victims alike, with his goons already enforcing protection rackets at the Market Below. The dragon known as Baron Fairweather had been trying to conquer the mortal world through finances and ownership since at least the great wall street crash of the 20's, and the recent focus from the ministry of Mammon and The Gilded Dollar seems to have drawn his attention towards San Fransisco.

Of course, he also happened to be the archmaster known locally as Low Key, having taken this form in order to circumvent some of the limits and strictures placed upon him, but that's merely additional detail. He died, pierced through the heart by the cold iron sword of Skadi, thus releasing her from her bond to Lady Bolevile.

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