Atroxi Crystals

Nature: Imbued Item (•••• or •••••)
Traits: Durability 4, Size 1, Structure 5
First Encountered: 3.6 "As Easy as ABC", where the first one was located at the Omphalos Shrine
Notable Appearances: 5.2 "There but for the grace of us", where the second one was found amidst the loot of Drake's Hoard.
5.4 "Grapes of Sorrow", where the third one was recovered from the fabled lost city of Iram.

Description: A roughly football-sized transparent crystal with a pale blue sheen, though if one looks closer it's possible to that there's an incredibly complex degree of internal structuring revealed by the internal specs of reflected and refracted light. According to the stores of information about ancient mystic items which Nobel purchased from Echidna, it's more common for Atroxi Crystals to be the size of golf balls, making the ones found by the Cabal among the most massive ones known.

Info: Created to aid research or answer the questions associated with their tasks, Atroxi Crystals are among the more frequently occurring items in Atlantean laboratories, shrines and colleges. Each Crystal carries whatever information its creator thought was important, such as the knowledge of rotes or Arcane lore. Similarly, explorers have discovered Crystals imbued with memories and thoughts, waiting to be experienced.

From what Nobel has been able to deduce about the contents of the Atroxi Crystals recovered thus far without activating them, the information they contain has been impossible to identify or comprehend properly. Educated guesswork has suggested that it could be similar to programming code of some sort, or possibly some advanced type of coordinates, or that it's unintelligible due to heavy encryption. It does look like they're all part of a set, however, something which dreams and visions seems to corroborate, which could mean that the contents make no sense because only parts of the information is actually available.

Effects: The Crystal’s imprinted knowledge functions like the Mind 3 spell “Telepathy”, but a Crystal may carry a whole shelf of encyclopedias worth of knowledge. Anyone with Mind 1 can access the Crystal.

Superior Crystals carry complete educations. A mage could learn through hallucinatory experiences passed on by the item. These Crystals are rated one dot higher. (Their magic is analogous to the Mind 4 “Hallucination” spell.)


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