Atman Aeternus

Nature: Lich organization / usurping city-state; left-handed
Sigil: Shaped like an Ankh combined with a sunburst, covered in gems, sparks or stars.
Motto: Sempre Vive*!

A group of soul-eating mages attempting to live forever and rule like a legitimate concilium. They were the enemy faction during the recent Lich-War, but the surviving members would seem to have dispersed spread out in the wake of their defeat. Even while still mortal the characters noticed that these seemed to be one of the major factions in the occult conflict going on. The cabal managed to acquire a list of names from Succubus, after her brainwashing/interrogation convinced her she was an undercover spy on acting behalf of the Guardians.

See also Sol Invictus

Known Members
Sigyn (We think)
Lady Mantagia

Presumed dead
The Undying Imperator

Known to be dead
Sishka Yphos (AKA Sisyphus)

*I remembered this wrong when making the illustration. Feel free to ignore the discrepancy

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