Nature: Awakened collection of lore & treasures
Curator: Skaði Jarnseiðsdottir (previously Ahura Mazda, and before that Apollo)


Info: Located at the Palace of Fine Arts in the northern end of the city, the most publicly accessible parts consists more or less of an Awakened art museum. Even this is off limits to sleepers, who are kept in the mundane exhibits outside the inner chambers. Only by penetrating further into the protected reaches does one end up in the library sections, while item storage happens in the basement.

Of course, Computer rooms and study areas have also been installed, making the Athenaeum a favourite place for local mystagogues to do their arduously long bouts of research. As long as they have proper access, of course.

Participants Invested Host Sanctum lvl
Skaði Jarnseiðsdottir ●●●●○ Size ●●●●●
Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra ●●●○○ Security ●●●○○
Archaeomancers ●●○○○ Materials ●●●●○
Indigatros Veritas ●○○○○
Salmakis ●○○○○
Core Contents dots
Laboratory ●●●○○
-Topics 3, Depth 4
●●●●● ●●○○○
1.Awakened History
2.Recovered Records
Miscellany ●○○○○
Scaled Features lvl Details
Retainers ●●○○○ Sleepwalker Staff
Demesne (bought separate) ●●●○○ Caster Paths : Obrimos, Acanthus, Mastigos
Sanctum Gauntlet ●○○○○ Strength 2
Static Features dots
Entheogenic Synesthesia
Lucid Dreamer
Trip Sitter ●●●
Guardian… dots Details
…Ghosts ●●●○○ Past guards who've volunteered to stay on after death
…Retainer ●●●●○ Arrow-trained proximus ''champion''
Notable Items Powers Type Dots
The previous contents The large and expansive collection shifted in time Various div
Linked vision headsets Allows people to cooperate on Scrutinizing Chimerical 7
Wand of Duplication Turn raw material into copy of target item (any type) Imbued 6
The last treasure of Iram Huge collection of cultural treasures Various div


For the unofficial, illegal Athenaeum, see The Hidden Tower

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