Astral Realm

Nature: Otherworldly dimension
First Encountered: 1.8b "The mind is its own place"
Notable Appearances:
-2.1 "Son, your mind has been transported back in time. And to Mars.", visited astral Rome & Mars.
-Quest for Drake's Hoard.
-Battle against Nemesis Continuum.
-3.6 "As easy as ABC", where the cabal found The Book

Info: The dimension of the mind, the realm 'inside' of consciousness, the world within the soul itself. The astral is the actual 'location' where all ideas, thoughts, memories and imaginings reside, the 'place' they're found every time someone thinks about them, or with them.

The astral consists of three layers, three different realms or strata one passes as one goes further and further along the 'pathway': The Oneiros, the Temenos and the Anima Mundi /Dreamtime. This is all separated from the material world by the Astral Barrier, similar to how the Spirit World is separated from the material by the Gauntlet. These strata of astral worlds are part of the great continuum of human existence, from the physical reality of our flesh and blood, inwards past our conscious thoughts, then through the subconscious, and so on, as mapped out here:


Locations in the Astral





The Oneiros


The Temenos



The Anima Mundi

Map of the Dreamtime found in Skadi's library dedicated to Norse culture, history and beliefs.


Map of the Anima Mundi found in the grimoire known as The Inherent Majesty of Enochian Architecture


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