There are very few stable futures, boy.
The way my father told it to me,
the future is a series of
infinitely branching possibilities.
When we walk it, we walk down
the most probable paths,
those with the greatest
likelihood of occurring.
But nothing in the future is definite.
Some are periods of great flux
— the next hundred years or so
are a wash of conflicting events.
Others are relatively stable —
so that almost any path you walk
takes you to the same universe.
- Mr. E, in ''The Books of Magic''

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." - Alan Kay, 1989

Nature: Proxiumus dynasty
Parent Path: Obrimos
Parenth Order: Silver Ladder
Arcana: Time, Forces, Prime
Nicknames: Sidereals, Prophets, Star-children
Soundtrack: The Calculation - Regina Spektor
Character Concepts: Predictive economist, telescope technician, priest following direct orders of God, NASA employee in deep-space telemetry, fortune teller, visionary architect, math teacher, horoscope author and astrology helpline operator
Themes: Astrology, divining the future, making plans, relaying the wishes of the supernal, city planning, studying the natural order of the cosmos and interpreting it for human use, making civilization more optimized by following good designs and sensibly engineered solutions, architecture aligned with cosmic principles and celestial geometries.

Info: An old and heavily respected family capable of wielding powers not easily replicated even by awakened spells, yet which has slowly but surely dwindled away over the years and is now nearly extinct.

Blessings Arcanum lvl Dice pool Traits
Ley Lines Prime ••• Int + Sci L
Ley Shift Prime ••• Res + Occ E,1M
Ley Flow Prime •••• Res + Occ E,1M
Hallowed Node Prime •••• Int + Occ E,1M,L
Night Vision Forces Wits + Com -
Read Matrices Forces Wits + Sci -
Change Weather Forces •••• Int + Sci -
Calibrate Calendar Time ••• Int + Sci 1M/lvl
Divination Time ••• Int + Invest 1M,Conc
Prophecy Time •••• Int + Occ Conc

Curse: Any future event or act which the Proximus has learned about through supernatural means, such as scrutinizing a ritual being performed, divining that an enemy will attack, or reading someone's mind to see their intentions, causes the Prophets to become bound by the weight of their vision.

Trying to prevent or oppose what he has learned means going against what he has seen by the light of the eternal stars, and so his actions do not benefit from the 10-again benefit. In addition any die result of '1' removes one success from the total, and ending up with a negative amount of successes is counted as a Dramatic Failure.

This curse often manifests in the classical sense that the character's own actions are what makes the unwanted events occur, or which allow them to succeed where otherwise they would have failed. If that is not feasible the world itself almost seems to work against the Sidereal, for in trying to break away from the charts of predestination he is no longer in harmony with the cosmic order, and so accidents, unfortunate coincidences and bad timing undermine his every effort.

Hallowed Node (Prime 4)
Practice: Patterning
Action: Extended; requires successes equal to the sum of Line Strength for all Ley Lines feeding into the Node.
Duration: Scene (one hour)
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: 1 Mana per Node level
Effect: Enchants an existing Node, a nexus of Ley Lines that produces physical energy, so that it generates Mana instead, a number of points each day equal to the strength of the Node used.

Calibrate Calendar (Time 3)
Practice: Perfecting
Action: Instant
Duration: Scene (one hour)
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: 1 Mana per degree of sympathy shifted
Effect: The caster's temporal sympathy to the targeted point in time is increased by 1 degree for each 2 successes rolled, though this spell is itself subject to penalties from both Temporal Sympathy, Occultation, Fame and not knowing the Real Name. It needs to be cast in the same spatial location as the event targeted unless Space 2 is also added to the mix, in which case it also becomes a spatially sympathetic spell, with all the requirements and costs that this entails.

Known Members

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