Raggedy Anna Neverbornbane

Nature: Fetch
Cabal: The Kindly Ones (honorary membership)
Notable Appearances: When she lost her mien, during the Deathquake when she earned her deed-name
Soundtrack: I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor


Info: Believed herself to be Anna Hansen, college student and girlfriend of Jian Li, until it was cruelly revealed to her that she was but a simulacrum, a constructed copy made to fool everyone into thinking the real Anna was still present. When her illusionary disguise was ripped apart her old life was effectively impossible to return to, especially once her family was notified of her death. Has since tried to move on and establish a new direction and purpose for herself. Or at least to get out of the basement.

As her name implies she did once savagely assault a creature of the Underworld until it perished. This she accomplished by jumping onto its back and persistently hit and bite it, despite her being utterly unarmed and unarmoured, while the Eye of the Storm and Nathuram provided assistance from a safe distance.

In her time she's befriended various people and beings, from a guardian spirit to a sentient android, until she was invited to join a new cabal about to be formed as a guardian creature in her own right.

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