Anduriel / Orifiel
In Heaven a spirit doth dwell
"Whose heart-strings are a sword";
None fightso wildly well
As the angel Anduriel,

a servant of the Lord.
And it is true what books reveal,
and which other sources do cite,
that Anduriel's zeal
is owing to that steel,
the weapon of his might,
so bright it's nigh unreal,
forged by unusual light.
The Book, page 114
Nature: Angelic empyrean Spirit of Saturn
Encountered: 6.2 / P2.2 "The Siege of Montsegur"
Soundtrack: The Angel of Death


Info: According to various sources, such as both Pope Gregory's listings and the Cabbalah, it is the last of the 7 archangels, (one of) the Angel(s) of Saturn, and of the Apocalypse, the day of Judgement, when all things must face the ultimate Justice for all their actions. Waite claims it's one of the 7 Regents of this world, while Paracelsus names it the Angel of Saturday, while Cabell writes that he is a ''time-serving archangel''.

Galahad summoned it with the Grail in the year of our Lord 1244, and then proceeded to make a Covenant with Orifiel, not only swearing on behalf of himself but also for the Knights of the Round Table, since he had founded that movement.


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