Skaði Jarnseiðsdottir

Mystagogue Warlock
Master of Space, Adept of Fate, 2nd Degree Disciple of Forces and Mind, Apprentice of Prime, 2nd Degree Initiate of Life and Spirit
Lorekeeper of the Eye of the Storm
Curator of The Palace of Fine Arts


Shadow name: Skade Jarnseidsdotter
Real name: Andrea Holm
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Sphinx/Imagineer/Stewards of the Celestial Orrery
Dynasty: The Daughters
Familiar: Keith Aleph

Age: 22
Date of birth: 7th of April
Hair: Dark blond, normally worn in a loose knot held in place with her chopsticks.
Eyes: Scandinavian blue
Height: 165cm
Bane: The Thunderer
Occupation: Exchange-student at the City College of San Francisco, where she's working on her English Major with Literature Emphasis.

Magical tools:
Path - Járngaldr II, a cold iron knife with a leather hilt
Order - Silfrlykill, the key she brought home from the Grimm-lands

Other named possessions:
Járnleikr - Her cold iron sword, upon which her shadow name is inscribed in norse runes.
Dýrbjóðar - Her ghost-imbued collar, which allows her to command an animal after beating it in a contest of will.
Hoggva & Sníða - The chopsticks (quite literary) she bought at the goblin market.


Nimbus: Symphonic. The surrounding sounds and background noises take on a musical quality and reveal themselves as the components of a grand, natural symphony, temporarily centred around Skadi and emphasising her every little move and gesture in a crescendo as the magic builds up and is released. Subtle rhythms and themes seems to repeat themselves, hidden within the menacing splendour of the symphony, only to change just as you think you've identified them.
After the merging with Spice the symphony has also begun to include scents and colours, creating a synaesthetic symphony.

Skadi's merits

Background: Andrea hails from the kingdom of Norway, where she still has her parents (Bernard and Siri Holm) and two older siblings (Robert and Merethe). She grew up on a farm on Smistad, just outside Trondheim. She was a dreamer, spending far more time reading fairy tales and stories, and being lost in daydreams, than she did playing with other children. Still, she was a normal child living a normal life… That is, until that fateful school-trip when she was nine years old. While following a mysterious golden bird, she and three other children stumbled into a world known as the Grimm-world. Suddenly finding herself face to face with the all too real ever after of the fairy tales she knew and loved, Andrea's countless hours of reading and daydreaming paid off as she found within herself the courage and resolve that eventually allowed her to find her way home. She even managed to bring home a souvenir in the form of a silver key.

Not unexpectedly, being trapped in a dark and twisted world of fairy tales changed the young girl. What once had simply been a source of inspiration for her imagination and dreams had revealed itself to be very real, and very dangerous. But rather than being discouraged by this, Andrea's fascination with fairy tales grew now that she knew it was all for real. Also, it wasn't hard to figure out that most of the time, it had been her understanding of and knowledge about fairy tales that had allowed her to survive long enough to find her way home. As such, she was driven to learn more, mostly so that she would be able to see the warning signs and run as fast as she could in the other direction if she ever came close to stumbling into the Grimm-world again. As she grew older, she also included such things as legends, myths, superstitions, urban legends and mythology to her study list. She found that she was also driven by a certain pride, knowing that she had beaten the Grimm-world and that within the books she practically devoured from cover to cover were surely the answers to how to beat just about every other aspect of the supernatural world that might be interested in bothering her and her loved ones.

Even with this "slight" obsession, Andrea managed to live a normal life with friends and school and a growing interest in boys. She had a couple of flings (nothing serious though), went to parties with her friends and became interested in literature in general thanks to some good teachers. She was known throughout her russ-period as "Little Red Reading-hood".


Andrea's decision to study literature in San Francisco was one made disturbingly much on instinct. To this day she still can't explain exactly why CCSF caught her interest so. All she knows is that she doesn't regret it. Having lived there more than a year now, she has already made several good friends and even gotten herself a boyfriend (Jareth Wylde (CNIT-student), immigrated Irishman, Bowie-fan and the lead guitarist of the student band "Cobalt Blue") with whom things have gotten so serious that she moved into his place around the middle of the second semester.

After the Awakening: To say that things have changed since the Awakening is a bit of an understatement. But besides the obvious changes, such as no longer being under the sleeper curse and being able to bring parts of the Supernal down into the fallen world in the form of magic, Skade has also changed in smaller and more subtle ways. Such as in the way she dress. Whereas she used to avoid wearing clothes that would make her stand out (if you want to avoid being taken, don't get noticed too much), she has now begun investing more time and effort in her appearance (she can afford to stand out a little now that she has supernal powers at her command to protect herself with). She still values comfort and practicality more than style, but at least she is beginning to get one that doesn't consist purely of old jeans and loose t-shirts. She is proud of her Norse heritage, and will often wear accessories that shows this.

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