Change everything you are
And everything you were
Your number has been called

Fights and battles have begun
Revenge will surely come
Your hard times are ahead

You've got to be the best
You've got to change the world
And use this chance to be heard
Your time is now

Don't let yourself down
Don't let yourself go
Your last chance has arrived
Nature: Living Fate-spell
First Encountered: 1.6 "Ancestral Voices Prophesying War"
Notable appearances:
3.2 "But Now The Dead Begin To Rise...", showed up as Dorian was included in Cabal.
4.2 "A Sound of Thunder", appeared in Cabal's car, claimed to have been summoned/drawn there by their actions. Granted some of his power to Dorian temporarily.
4.6 "Body of Knowledge", where putting Glamour in the Kalakin Engine makes him act over-emotional.

Description: Tall man in blue robes, light brown skin and black hair, carrying a spear

Info: Casts fabulous magic. Seems to twist fate around the characters, and a lot of other events too. Speaks High Speech naturally, spirit tongue haltingly, and picked up English after a while. Seems bent on the cabal recreating The Symbol, and was drawn forth from a silvery light when they had gathered 3 of the pieces. Claims to have been created by Shemyaza.


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