Amphora Of Syrah Atlantide

Nature: Imbued Item ••••
Mana Capacity: 16
First encountered: 3.5 "Your Permanent Record"

Description: The relatively small stonework jug holds four gallons of potent, spiced wine. Whoever drinks enough of it will have potent dreams, often showing impressive structures believed by many to be memories of Atlantis. Much of its surface is covered in hyperborean carvings, spelling out a paean, a hymn of thankfulness for all the people who have toiled to produce this drink, and celebrating the feelings of joy and home that drinking it will give.

Effects: Any liquid tass placed within the amphora is magically transmuted into more of the rare and delicious wine known as Syrah Atlantide. It loses its potency and ceases to be tass scant minutes after leaving the amphora, however, if not consumed and thus absorbed into a living pattern. Should the amphora ever be completely emptied the magic enchanting it ends, and it becomes nothing more than an ancient, antique clay jug.

It was also discovered that if one drinks enough of the wine, so as to become rip-roaring drunk from it, one can stumble through unknown folds in space and find oneself in the fabled lost city of Iram.


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