Nature: Empyrean 'angel'; also a familiar
First Encountered: 5.3 "Tick-tock goes the Calendar", where it was summoned.

Description: First appeared as little more than a shining light, but once it had fully entered this plane of existence it manifested as a hovering nexus of nested geometric patterns composed of solidified radiance endlessly rotating into different forms, not too unlike tesseract-versions of all five platonic solids superimposed on top each other in the same location, but interpreted as through the lens of Islamic abstract interlace-pattern decorations.

Info: An ephemeral entity which Nobel and Skadi unintentionally summoned up through their 12-hour session of carrying out the occult and mathematical instructions they saw projected in the crystal ball of John Dee.

It claims to be from a ''higher plane of existence'', a realm which one of its previous summoners applied the label ''Empyrean'' to, and that its own name and usual method of communication is expressed in ways not possible between humans. Seemed to know many private details about people and mentioned them casually as if they were as apparent as someone's clothing.

Amitiel would seem to be a manifestation of the natural laws or a sentient sub-routine of the universe, a piece of occult lore and math so complex that it by nature can think and act as a being. When asked to provide Nobel with answers and information it stated that in return he would have to evince self-control, deny his own selfish impulses, and attempt to walk a higher path, to be a better person.

Upon accepting this agreement and entering a covenant with the being enabled Nobel to gain Amitiel as his familiar.


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