Ahura Mazda
Skaði - "We need Optimus Prime to balance out his bastardness"

Real Name: Daniel McIntire
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Fangs of Mara
Cabal: The Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra
Position: Councillor
Provost: Inanna
Mentor: Athena
Apprentices: Lathrop, Skaði Jarnseiðsdottir
.Be Prepared - The Lion King
.Megalomania - Black Sabbath (from "The Ties That Bind")
.Another one bites the dust - Queen (from The Book, page 4)

Nimbus: Everything grows hard and sharp, as if every edge can cut you, and every soft thing (like pillows) feel like there's secretly spikes inside them. People get an uncomfortable sensation of being observed by unseen and judgmental, disapproving eyes.

Path: Blackened iron staff, with ominous angular sigils (heirloom)
Order: Platinum Gauntlet (it's secretly a key, to both Dua'ath & div archive-vaults)
Mind: Iron Crown
Spirit: Glyphs of command tattooed on body

Info: The… "charming"… mystagogue warlock Councilor, renowned in all of San Francisco for his… "tact"… and "friendly demeanor"…

Also Skadi's mentor. Lucky girl. Widely believed by the local society to be a Tamer of Ice by the general population, but this seems to be a deception. Married to Inanna.


Dorian - "We're not giving the book of darky-dark to THAT man!"
Hermes - "But he's not darky-dark"
Dorian - "He could become!"
Hermes - "He's more darky-snark"

Portrait of the man found in their sanctum


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